Online Training Portal Development for eLearning Company

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Online Training Portal Development for eLearning Company

About the Client

Founded in 2009, the client is an international training and consulting company specializing in timeshare, fractional sales and the custom design of sales process platforms. Based in the US, the client provides learning management systems to enable online sales training for the resort hospitality industry. Their existing platform brings a full-fledged classroom experience online, from which trainers can easily build and launch full courses via the client’s LMS (Learning Management System).

Business Challenge

With an aim to be the premier training provider for vacation management sales and marketing, the client decided to build a comprehensive online training portal geared specifically towards the resort hospitality industry.

This proposed solution would deliver high-impact training to salespeople, closers, marketers, and timeshare leaders. The platform would augment and enhance existing online and live training by creating and distributing significant repositories of content, knowledge and best practices to employees.

A key advantage of the platform would be its ease-of-use. Any end-user possessing basic computer skills could build full online courses ready for others to take within a single day. The LMS would be able to deploy full online courseware complete with robust testing and gap analysis reporting. The content editing features would be flexible enough to make changes easily and quickly, without having to start from scratch.

Each course would have built-in features for comprehension testing and reporting. Information such as test questions, passing scores and other test parameters would need to be designed to enable real-time modification and updates. Enterprise-level reporting requirements would allow group-based performance analysis by region, course, trainer, subject area and other criteria.

The online learning platform would also be built to facilitate real-time knowledge exchange by incorporating online collaboration tools and social networking features. The knowledge platform had to be designed to be fully moderated per user requirements.

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Silicus Solution

The Silicus development team worked closely with the client to fine tune project requirements and develop a project plan. The development work was completed by employing best practices and following the Agile Development methodology. Additionally, comprehensive testing was carried out to eliminate errors and fix issues.

The system was developed using DotNetNuke (DNN), an open source web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. It was selected for the ease with which it can be extended using 3rd party and custom developed modules to add functionality. In order to implement the multi-portal system required by the client, the appearance of individual sites could be customized in DNN using UI skins.

Module development

Silicus developed the following modules from scratch for the client’s learning portal:

  • Testing Center : This module is the primary section in which users select and take tests and can view their results and review mistakes.
  • Certificate Creation : This module stores the test completion certificate information in the database with functionality to print the certificate. The interface also allows users to upload the certificate files for courses.
  • User Profile Summary : This module enables users to create a profile and specify attributes such as name, title, company, and location, as well as social media profiles and pictures.
  • Edit Profile: This module lets users upload profile photos, change their location, and add/edit profile details such as title, and social media links.
  • User Recent Activity: This module shows the most recent activity for each user profile. A “See All” button next to each profile allows users to display full usage details in a grid.
  • Scoreboard: This module was created to display the statistics of the top five users ranked by total number of points earned in the system.
  • Consolidate Reports: This module was developed using the DevExpress xTraReports tool, a feature-rich, multi-platform banded reporting library for .NET. It allows for creating consolidated reports with drill-down reporting functionality.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

SQL Server 2008 R2


Microsoft.NET 4.0

Web Technologies
Web Technologies



DotNetNuke (DNN)

Development Environment
Development Environment

Visual Studio 2010

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration


Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

JQuery, Telerik Controls

Builds & Releases
Builds & Releases

DNN Module


DevExpress XtraReports

Client Benefits

High Quality, Rapid, And Cost-Effective Development

Silicus developed the application with a dedicated development team, allowing the client to complete the LMS on time and per expectations. Silicus’ experience in .NET development and implementation of best practices and development methodologies ensured the portal was thoroughly tested on every feature as well as on multiple operating systems.

New Product Development with Rapid Time to Market

The LMS platform developed by Silicus provided an innovative, feature-rich, and high-quality training portal ready to launch, the client was able to further extend its leadership in the resort hospitality industry and aggressively pursue the online training market.

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