About the Client

The Client is a leading provider of reliable and cost effective solutions for:

  • International mail and package forwarding for individuals & companies with a significant expat presence
  • Provision of US address for buying in the US and shipping to another country
  • Fulfillment solutions for small businesses outside the US to maintain inventory and deliver from a US location

Business Challenge

The Client’s employees used a simple online ticketing system to report issues, such as shipment concerns, mail forwarding and packaging.

The Client wanted to enhance the ticket system for better reporting, better invoicing and quote processing, with an architecture that could accommodate future business needs, such as powerful API integrations to 3rd party systems.

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Silicus Solution

The application was developed in Python, Silicus Python experts delivered the enhancements to the online ticketing system, supported by the Django framework.

Silicus developed an API Library for integrations with shipping APIs such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and Aramex. Users could seamlessly select a list of shippers best suited to their needs, based on proximity, rates, packaging etc

Workflows were customized, and new reports were developed providing statistical data related to billing, users, invoices etc.

Some of the reports developed included:

  • User Registrations
  • Invoices
  • Revenue Summary Report
  • Cancelled Invoices

CircleCI was used for continuous integration, testing & delivery, code level changes were automatically checked for unintended changes to other parts of the code. The team used Ansible for automated deployment targeting multiple environments, including virtual development environments using Vagrant or a bare metal server.

The team also upgraded Django framework instance from version 1.6 to 1.9.

Technologies Used


Python, Ajax, JQuery, HTML, CSS




PyCharm 5 Community Edition


PostgreSQL 9.3/p>

Third Party API
Third Party API

Authorize.net, FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Aramex

Project Management Tool
Project Management Tool


Deployment Automation Tool
Deployment Automation Tool


Version Control System
Version Control System

Git, CircleCI with GIT for executing tests

Web Application Server
Web Application Server




Client Benefits

Improved Productivity

Silicus implemented several workflow changes that reduce the number of clicks and page load times for common actions

Faster Response Time

The use of custom defined filters for the incoming tickets automated ticket creation and routing, through pre-set actions such as ticket rejection, department assignment or even send standard responses without manual intervention, resulting in faster response time

Stable Configuration

Ansible was used for continuous deployment and integration of the test scripts, creating a more stable configuration for the application, with minimal impact on the existing functionality.

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