Ongoing Maintenance for Online Health & Fitness Portals

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Ongoing Maintenance for Online Health & Fitness Portals

About the Client

The client is the world's leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids and other fine chemicals to the feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Business Challenge

Apart from its core business, the client supported a personal health and wellness portal along with a US based partner, inspiring individuals to focus on nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle – one day at a time. The portal program encourages people make small yet important changes to health and diet that together helps see results and feel better. This is facilitated through:

  • Setting personalized goals along with certified trainers
  • Whole health solutions - Diet, physical activity, current health, and aspirations
  • Personalized action plans
  • Online diet and activity tracking tools
  • Educational aids
  • Health and nutrition assessments

The portal needed constant updating and maintenance to make it meaningful and relevant to the many patrons using the site. These were constant changes required on the user interface, new functionality, and a backlog of bugs that needed resolving.

The client sought a competent and reliable partner who could take end to end responsibility and offer high quality maintenance, support, development, enhancements and QA services. The client chose Silicus for our track record of excellence and focus on customer satisfaction at all times.

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Silicus Solution


When Silicus' maintenance engineers took over the portal maintenance, the code wasn’t organized and optimized for performance. The team’s first activity was to clean-up the code, organize it into logical sections and have proper documentation of the same.


Initially, it took 15-17 seconds for a user to login to the portal. The team set to work to optimize performance on the application side as well as the database side.

Application Side
  • Revamp underperforming areas
  • Introduce n-tier architecture for new enhancements and development
Database Side
  • Fine-tune inefficient stored procedures
  • Implement indexing

Through these changes, the performance of the application was greatly improved and login time to brought down to 0-2 seconds.


One of the important tasks undertaken by the team was clearing the back-log of know errors and bugs within the system. The high priority bugs were resolved first, followed by the mid priority bugs and so on.


The team undertook several important and challenging enhancement and new development projects as part of the overall software application maintenance and support contract. Some of the enhancement / new development projects were:

Implementing “Surveys” functionality amongst users :

  • Dashboard revamp for users
  • Activity and Diet tracker for users
  • Time Zone for users and coaches spread across different time zones (major enhancement)
  • UI enhancement using Telerik RAD controls
  • Challenges

The team faced several challenges initially:

  • Lack of documentation – there was no documentation of code or application architecture and workflows, and the code itself wasn’t organized. The team went through several discussions with the client to get a proper understanding of the application, the code and the workflows.
  • No architecture for the application – the application was not very stable since there was no concrete architecture. The team began introducing n-tier architecture for new development; however it was no feasible to make any modifications to the entire application due to the time and effort needed. 
  • No version control due to multiple entities working on the application – before Silicus took over maintenance and support, there were multiple entities, both in-house and outsourced working on different parts of the code. Code was overwritten, and no versioned. Different versions of code were present on the production site and the team had to go through each version to understand changes and create a stable, single version of the code.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

SQL Server 2008

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Telerik RAD controls for UI

Database SQL Server 2012

Microsoft .NET 2.0

Client Benefits

Single Point for All Maintenance and Support

Silicus took responsibility for overall maintenance, support, enhancements and QA of the client’s portals. This helped consolidate activities and responsibility at a single entity instead of different entities handling different aspects.

Modern, Elegant And Responsive UI Using Telerik Controls

Silicus' .NET developers used Telerik controls to re-develop the portal UI. Although the UI was based on the earlier version, it looked more elegant, rich and responded faster compared to the earlier application.

Competent Technology Partner

Silicus undertook several challenging and complex assignments, and completed them with the highest quality of deliverables, and in a time bound manner. This was possible due to the deep technology expertise of the team as well as the support of the entire organization in-house.

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