About the Client

The client is a retailer of healthcare supplements and products for boosting individual health and general well-being.

Business Challenge

The client sold its healthcare supplements through a series of eCommerce storefronts. The eCommerce storefronts were developed on different technologies – including Wordpress and custom developed using Microsoft technologies. The client was finding it difficult to manage these disparate storefronts and was seeking help to simplify the administration and data reporting for the eCommerce storefronts.

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Silicus Solution

The client was reluctant to custom develop the admin and reporting functionality from scratch and was looking for a readymade solution that could be integrated within the existing eCommerce websites. NopCommerce was chosen as it is based on ASP.NET and provided the required functionality.

Admin Tasks

NopCommerce administration functionality was used to automate and simplify administration tasks across the websites. The team undertook a significant user interface development exercise to drive the admin tasks, developing approximately 20 screens that were used to control and manage the following:

  • User management
  • Set up and Configuration
  • Reporting preferences
  • Shipping labels
Data Reporting

Our NopCommerce experts used the NopCommerce reporting functionality, and integrated it with the several eCommerce websites operated by the client. One of the challenges faced by the NopCommerce team was the integration with Wordpress site, since Wordpress does not allow direct access to the database. Most of the other eCommerce sites used SQL Server as the database and were able to easily integrate for storing and retrieving data.

Technologies Used




SQL Server

Third Party
3rd Party Integrations

Shipping Labels (Fedex, UPS, USPS)

eCommerce Shopping Cart
eCommerce Shopping Cart


Version Control
Version Control


Client Benefits

Easier administration of eCommerce websites

By using NopCommerce, the client was able to achieve its objective of consolidated reporting across all eCommerce storefronts, and could also manage each of the storefronts through the NopCommerce admin functionality.

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