About the Client

Founded in 2015, the Client is a US based startup Insurance agency offering insurance plans for customer needs such as protection, pension, savings, and investments both for individuals and commercial businesses.

Business Challenge

The Client used a manual system for managing insurance activities such as claim processing, lead management, insurance premiums, builder/lender/escrow details, underwriting details, rating documents about the different quotes etc.

Manual maintenance of insurance data created the following challenges:

  • No central repository of information
  • Difficulty in Records Maintenance of insurance companies, builders/lenders/escrows and their customers etc.
  • Time Consuming
  • No Data Security
  • Mistakes in Premium Calculations
  • No Proper Reports
  • Data Redundancy

The Client needed an automated system for managing insurance activities, so as to provide compete better in the market.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus proposed an innovative SaaS-based web portal on the .NET platform, using AngularJS and RequireJS technology. This ensured high performance, extraordinarily expressive user interfaces and faster development.

The Multi-Tenant SaaS-based Web Portal was developed with the following features:

  • Easy Application Upgrades
  • Fewer Database Patches and Upgrades
  • Secure separation of administrative duties
  • Easier management and monitoring of the physical database
  • Performance and Information Protection Isolation

The Web Portal had the following modules:

  • Client Management
    Provides details about the builders, lenders, escrows and other agencies.
  • Administration Module
    Allows the admin to grant privileges to users, add a user, company, builder etc.
  • Sales Module
    Provides details on Property, Prospects, Underwriting, Rating, Loans, Renovations, History, RCV, Tasks etc.

The application was deployed on Azure using the Microsoft Azure Cloud service.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012


Angular JS, Web API, Require JS


Visual Studio 2013

Client Benefits

Better Tracking and Improved Workflow

The automated system helped the Client track insurance information easily without manual intervention and errors. This improved customer service while also increasing internal productivity.

Centralized Data Storage and Maintenance

The Web portal provides an interface between the central database and the users for accessing the client’s customer information. Employees can make changes based on the permissions granted, with a detailed view of all customer related documents and information at one place, enabling easy verification and management.

Enhanced Profitability

The portal allowed the client to scale up quickly with contextual up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Also, the use of Multi-tenant architecture led to faster upgrades, cost benefits through easy customization. The system could handle more business without additional investments, thus reducing the overall operational cost and increasing profit margin.

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