Multi-device, Responsive Healthcare Software Development

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Multi-device, Responsive Healthcare Software Development

About the Client

The client offers software for pre-op, operation and post-operative procedural checklists for doctors, nurses, administrators and patients. The client’s solution reduces administrative overload in hospitals by providing general and customized best practice checklists to the procedural specialists. It also helps improve surgical efficiencies through its tailored best practices.

Business Challenge

The client had initiated development of the application based on its vision to create a solution that curbs pre/post-surgical errors through accurate checklists and tailored best practices. However, during the course of development the client realized that it lacked adequate resources and the technology expertise to create a fully operational market ready application.

Some of the critical aspects of the software that the client needed Silicus to implement were:

  • Fool proof user authentication and authorization
  • Strong Patient data encryption mechanisms
  • Contemporary security techniques to fulfil HIPAA security compliance

The client envisioned a solution that provided a great user experience, built on cutting edge technologies. The application had to support multiple devices footprints - Desktop, Tablets and Smart phones.

With several years of healthcare domain & technology experience, Silicus was the preferred choice for the client to deliver the project.

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Silicus Solution

The software was developed for use by two different personas in a hospital:

  • Administrator, who can be an experienced senior doctor who creates checklists and best practices
  • Practitioners who are doctors and interns who use the checklists and best practices.

Sometimes patients come with a unique health condition, in such cases the Admin can create a unique checklist using the clients software, which when selected by the doctors, will automatically create tailored plans (tailored best practices) for a successful medical procedure.

The business logic was implemented in a way to generate a unique checklist for each patient, once the doctors enter the patient sickness symptoms. The surgical team can utilize the system to understand the best practices before, during and after the surgery.

Custom ICD (International Classification of Diseases) search codes were added to standardize disease identification and save time and effort.

The application was architected on the .NET platform, leveraging open source libraries supported by Angular JS to meet UI expectations. Silicus’ team of UX consultants, visual designers and UI coders were involved in wire framing and storyboarding the application workflows to ensure a delightful user experience for users.

Angular JS was primarily used to develop the front end of the application. The key reasons being:

  • Contemporary technology with support for RESTful services
  • Multi-device support
  • Helps create a structured UI

Silicus added repository patterns in the application design to increase code reusability, for easier maintenance. Dependency injection patterns were used to make the services and business layers loosely coupled, robust and unit testable. Benefits of this approach included:

  • Reduced dependency between software components
  • Enabled mock-ups of product implementation, driving better code testing
  • Shifts component dependencies to the interface, making the code more readable

To bolster application usage security, Silicus integrated the RightSignature 3rd party solution to create a stronger user authorization. RightSignature features include handwritten signature support, Type-to-Sign, iPhone Mobile signing etc

Technologies Used

Language C#, JavaScript, HTML5

C#, JavaScript, HTML5

PLATFORM Microsoft.NET, Angular JS (front-end framework)

Microsoft.NET, Angular JS (front-end framework)


SQL Server

3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations

RightSignature, Google charts

Client Benefits

Technology Expertise

Silicus bridged the technology gap the client was challenged with, partnering them to build a commercial grade, market ready software that end users appreciate.

Improved Healthcare Services

The application helped doctors and medical practitioners perform day to day activities more effectively by eliminating the chances of critical oversights before, during and after a surgical operation.

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