About the Client

The client is a leading reverse mortgage company, providing professional services to senior homeowners for a better financial future. A variety of mortgage products are available that leverage the equity senior homeowners have acquired in their homes.

Business Challenge

The client suffered from business process and workflow inefficiencies, resulting from information that was shared and stored among multiple departments through an open source portal, using network file shares and email. Corporate processes were also inefficient and consumed valuable resources. These were mostly managed through Excel spreadsheets for activities such as employee onboarding, leave management, help desk, and portfolio management. Executive management needed to gain insight from multiple line-of-business applications into one single dashboard for strategic decision making.

Significant efficiency improvements in collaboration and information management across the organization were needed. The client expected to drive better business outcomes by improving teamwork through these efforts.

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Silicus Solution


Silicus and the client had formed a successful relationship, having previously worked together to develop the client’s partner portal built on SharePoint technologies. The client partnered with Silicus once again to create an intranet portal that also leveraged SharePoint to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Silicus designed the topology for the SharePoint intranet to consist of a SharePoint web front-end server, app servers and a database utilizing internal AD for user management, and authentication in accordance with availability and scalability requirements.

Based on proven and perfected SharePoint methodology and processes, Silicus provided end-to-end services for the intranet implementation. The Silicus team worked with key stakeholders to identify and define strategic objectives and organizational goals. Understanding current pain points, process improvement and integration needs, Silicus defined the business requirements for the initial intranet implementation.

The customized portal was created using SharePoint user and branding features consisting of custom master pages, CSS and page layouts. The portal provided capabilities for business process automation using electronic forms, workflow processes, business insights using SSRS, Excel services and performance point.

The client’s vision coupled with Silicus’ SharePoint expertise has resulted in a solution that greatly enhances company-wide collaboration. The client is reporting efficiency gains and improved productivity that are leading to better business results.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Client Benefits

Increased Organizational Efficiency

The intranet portal gave the organization a rich platform to collaborate and communicate effectively though a customized and branded user interface. Using advanced SharePoint features, key business processes were automated to reduce cycle time. An executive team dashboard provided senior management with a quick and consolidated view from different line of business (LOB) systems to enable faster decision making.

Strong User Adoption, Well-Defined Governance Policy

Involving staff users from the project initiation phase led to greater user adoption. An established governance policy and information architecture helped the client grow useful and relevant information in SharePoint.

On Time, Better Quality, Lower Costs

Silicus was able to deliver the project with substantial cost savings for the client using offshore resources for activities that involved less client interaction – i.e. custom development, content migration and testing. Using a proven and perfected methodology customized for SharePoint implementations, Silicus was also able to establish an aggressive project delivery date that was achieved on time.

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