About the Client

The client is a successful wealth management services company. The client provides personal assistance in planning and managing financial affairs of High Net worth Individuals (HNI’s).

Business Challenge

The Client's existing Wealth Management CRM application was critical in managing the company’s clientele base and business operations. The client wanted to modernize the CRM application to the latest Microsoft.NET platform to keep pace with the latest technology, improve application performance and obtain functional enhancements leveraging the .NET platform.

The client was looking for a strong technology partner, and chose Silicus for our expertise and successful track record on the Microsoft.NET platform.

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Silicus Solution

The client’s in-house CRM software application was developed using legacy technologies, and there was no scope for code re-use. Silicus recommended custom CRM re-development on the Microsoft.NET platform that was approved by the client.

The CRM application was designed to be entirely web based and implemented in multi-tiered architecture for scalability and maintainability. The Microsoft.NET framework was leveraged to build a CRM solution that was secure, would meet the client’s demanding performance requirements and aligned with the Microsoft.NET roadmap.

User Interface

The user interface was designed to avail of the mobility gained through a fully web-based user interface. ASP.NET server controls and code were used for implementing application logic on the server-side. ASP.NET was used to impart a rich web user interface and implement an event driven programming model.

CRM Functionality

CRM application functionality was implemented along with the business logic and rules to reside on the application server.  Business logic and rules were coded in C#.

The CRM functional modules addressed business processes and workflows encountered in wealth management, including:

  • Family and Contact wealth management
  • Firm Associates
  • Task management for associates

The CRM software application included tools for improving user productivity, such as:

  • CRM Task & Email integration with MS Office
  • Complex Reports and Template generation
Offline Synchronization with MS Outlook Mail Exchange

The CRM software application supported integration with Microsoft Outlook and included smart client features for offline MS Outlook task management that can be synchronized later into the CRM. This worked both ways and both sides get synchronized whenever initiated.


SQL Server 2000 was used as the database, with communication between Data Management and Business Logic layers facilitated through ADO.NET.

3rd Party Integrations

The CRM application was compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Office tools. The application also integrated with Microsoft Outlook for e-mail communications and task follow-ups. The application  architecture design addressed security concerns associated with the latest versions of Microsoft Office Outlook.

Following the CRM software modernization project, the client retained Silicus services for software application maintenance and functionality enhancements.

Technologies Used






SQL Server 2000

Third Party

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook

Client Benefits

Cost Savings

Application performance improved by 30% from the older system, and the client enjoyed 50% cost saving compared to a similar project executed in-house.

Risk Mitigation

Silicus mitigated software engineering risks through a process driven delivery model. Other benefits included better operability, a secure platform and consequent reduction of operational risk.

Microsoft.NET software development expertise

The client’s expertise was wealth management; the partnership with Silicus brought Microsoft.NET and enterprise application development expertise, helping the client achieve its business objectives.

Commercial grade enterprise application design

Silicus provided a robust and user friendly CRM software solution through the use of latest Microsoft.NET technology features. The CRM application was secure, scalable and responsive, and included enhancements such as an offline synchronization support for Microsoft Outlook.

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