B2B Supply Chain Portal Modernization for Printing Company

Success Story.

B2B Supply Chain Portal Modernization for Printing Company

About the Client

The Client provides a wide range of supply chain management solutions to various customers including the world's largest computer systems company, with a wide range of printed materials, and computer accessories. The Client's core services include linking supply and end customer demand as closely as possible to reduce costs, minimize business risk, and exceed customer expectations for performance and quality. The client’s solution allows its customers to focus on their core competencies while simultaneously reducing the supply chain costs of their products and processes.

Business Challenge

To meet the growing competition within the supply chain market segment and considering future needs, the Client decided for a total upgrade of its existing web based supply chain management portal that offers a suite of services for their requirements.

The Client wanted the new supply chain management solution to be built on the latest technologies . The existing application was built using VB and ASP, while the client wanted to take its application to the Microsoft.NET platform. Moving to the Microsoft.NET platform would bring about better data quality, integration, and accessibility to ensure increased ROI from its Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence, e-Commerce, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiatives.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus delivered its services in two phases – Migration and Post-production support services.

In the first phase, Silicus used a conventional waterfall methodology for the project across its US office and offshore development center. Functional requirements were first finalized along with use cases and user interface prototypes, including enhancements to the application’s functionality and usability.

This was followed by technical design and architectural recommendations to take advantage of the new generation technical architecture. After the core development was completed, rapid testing and build cycles were done to complete the development.

This was followed by User Acceptance Testing with a limited set of end users before application deployment. Overall, Silicus addressed the client’s requirements with a compelling business value proposition backed by a solid technical vision.

During the porting from VB and ASP to the Microsoft.NET platform, Silicus also developed new functionality and enhancements such as:

Soft Proofing
  • Individually customize each part
  • Add unlimited number of fields to each customizable part
  • Selection of any fonts, font size, and color
  • Modify and preview part during order processing to gain immediate user feedback
  • A PDF is attached to each soft-proof order so the printer sees exactly what the user sees
  • Add required fields
  • Pre-load fields with user or company information saving entry time and preventing typos
Remote Access in Warehouse Management System
  • Support for smart devices including Microsoft Pocket PC
  • Web services to expose services to client's end customers

Silicus subsequently provided post-production support services using a controlled version / release management process.

Technologies Used





Client Benefits

Robust and user friendly solution

Silicus provided a robust and user friendly solution by adopting all the rich features provided by the Microsoft.NET platform. Performance signifcantly improved by 40% compared to the older system. This was in addition to the 50% cost saving during the porting exercise due to our uniqu project delivery model.

Other benefits included better operability, a secure and stable platform and consequent reduction of operational risk.

Quick turnaround

Leveraged Silicus’ past experience in custom development, implementation and rollout.

Faster turnaround time for UI prototypes, providing a clear picture for the end users.

Custom development capabilities using Silicus’ offshore development center.

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