About the Client

The client provides employment screening services to companies, empowering them to make hiring decisions with unbiased, factual, and timely information. The client’s service offerings include Pre-employment screening and I-9 verification.

Business Challenge

The client used an in-house developed software system to manage data and employee/employer records related to its employment screening business. The software was written in Visual FoxPro. The client experienced limitations in the software application, particularly on accessibility (existing application was desktop based), ability to collaborate, and real time reporting. The client sought to modernize its existing software system to a more contemporary technology for improved scalability, functionality, security and usability.

Key decisions the client needed to make were choice of technology, scope of code re-usability, etc. The client decided to partner a specialist software technology partner, and chose Silicus for our rich technology expertise and successful track record of migrating legacy software applications to latest technology platforms.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus commenced the project with a feasibility study to understand the easiest and most cost effective way of modernizing the software application. The decisions to be made were:

  • Technology to be used
  • Rewrite vs migrate
  • Source code re-usability

Based on the study, Silicus recommended rewriting the entire software system as there was little scope for migration or overall code re-use. Microsoft.NET platform was chosen for ease of maintainability, and compatibility. Moreover, some of the code could be re-used for newer windows components in the existing application that were written in .NET.

The software application was designed as a client server based windows enabled architecture with business, data and presentation tiers.

User Interface

User Interface for the Employment Verification System (EVS) application was developed using Windows Forms in a thick client implementation.

Silicus UI and graphic designers developed a UI that was intuitive to use and easy-to-navigate. The client's employee background verification personnel could access required information with minimal mouse clicks.

EVS Application Functionality

Application functionality was developed in a modular structure using C# and .NET WinForms.

Following functional modules were delivered by Silicus Microsoft.NET developers:

  • Background Check management and rules for each
  • County, statewide and Federal criminal background checks
  • Employment history, education and SSN verification
  • Credit history examination
  • Motor vehicle report
  • Drug testing etc.
  • Employee records management
  • Customer servicing
  • Outstanding task allocation and management

An admin module was also developed to manage access rights and privileges for users.

Data Storage and Reporting

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 was used as the database, given its tight integration with Microsoft.NET. User requests would be submitted to the database server through ADO.NET. Information is retrieved from the database, processed and displayed on screen.

Application reports and templates were written using Crystal Reports for Microsoft.NET. Microsoft.NET developers used the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) stored procedures to call Crystal Reports Web services directly from SQL Server 2005.

Technologies Used


C#, .NET WinForms


Microsoft.NET 2.0


MS SQL Server 2005

Web Server
Web Server


Tools / Libraries (if any)
Tools / Libraries (if any)

Crystal Reports

Client Benefits

Microsoft.NET expertise for accelerated delivery

The client received the new employee verification software system including enhanced functionality within 3 months. This was made possible through our Micrsoft.NET software development expertise.

Robust design for easy maintenance, usability and scalability

The application was architected with latest Microsoft.NET 2.0 features. The architecture delivered improved application performance, reduced maintenance costs, and improved security thanks to new features in SQL Server 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0

Users found the new user interface to be elegant and responsive. Overall, the client enjoyed significant productivity gains over its existing software system.

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