About the Client

The client is an enterprise and security intelligence solutions and services provider. One of the leading distributors of its kind in North America, they design, deploy and support software solutions for Enterprise Intelligence, Speech and Text Analytics, Security Intelligence and Public Safety.

Business Challenge

The safety and security intelligence systems delivered by the client required an application that could record mobile calls.

One possible approach was to create a virtual Bluetooth device that resides on the phone and captures audio. The alternative solution was a three way calling application that ran automatically, using the phone’s inherent three way calling capability, allowing the recorder to reside on the phone in the form of a SIP or Session Initiation Protocol client. Upon analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of multiple solutions, Silicus proposed to create a three-way calling application as it modified the Android OS and would work across all devices.

The client engaged Silicus to build this solution by developing an Android Engine that would intercept calls on a cellular network and create a third call to an SIP gateway. A three-way conference would be created and record the calls which would then be stored on the SIP server.

In addition, the solution would incorporate the following advanced intelligence features:

  • Capture data such as Caller ID, the digits dialed and GPS location at the start and end of the call
  • Advanced 1024-bit encryption for secure file transfer from phone to server
  • Digital fingerprinting of files to guarantee authenticity
  • Speech Analytics: analyze the content within calls and automatically detect and report trends
  • Capability to run undetected and covertly transmit recordings
  • Interview recording and upload capability
  • Case management to organize and manage audio files
  • Enterprise feedback management and customer feedback survey functionality

Finally, the developed application would require comprehensive testing across devices for user acceptance and compatibility.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed the call recording solution as an Android application. The three main components of the proposed application would be an Android Background Service, a Service Integrator and the SIP Client with a user interface.

The project was structured to break up the application development activities into three phases:

Solution Design Phase

To design the call recording application, Silicus conducted feasibility tests to verify that the proposed approach to intercept and record calls would work properly on all devices. With the design of the Android Background service and SIP client completed, the development team was able to understand the specific requirements before building the different components of the solution. Since the Android client needed to initiate a three-way conference without user intervention and regular Android API’s do not allow for the merging of calls, Silicus determined that the device would need to have root access.

Development Phase

The Android Background Service was developed using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), and is responsible for intercepting incoming/outgoing calls on the cellular network. The software was developed using standard Android API’s which provided functionality for call recording by initiating a SIP call to the gateway via the IP network. Finally, the service integrator was developed to merge the cell phone’s call with the SIP call, thereby creating a three-way conference call. The service integrator has a built-in process to gain root access in Android.

Testing Phase

Silicus tested the final solution across a spectrum of hardware and software variations to ensure that it was free of known defects. Compatibility Testing was performed to assess the application’s operability with various selected devices, operating system versions, screen sizes, display settings and internal hardware. The User Acceptance Testing validated the end-to-end performance and integration of all units and all reported bugs were resolved at this stage.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Operating System
Operating System


Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

Android SDK, Android NDK, Android APIs


Microsoft Project

Client Benefits

Innovative Product Development

Silicus’ mobile developers applied their expertise to design a groundbreaking solution that was previously unavailable on the market. The client launched its mobile call recording solution, giving it a clear, competitive advantage and enhancing its reputation as a premium provider of security intelligence solutions.


An experienced development team and strong project management ensured the project was completed while adhering to stringent timelines. Silicus’ agile development processes allowed the client to launch its product on time, without compromising on cost and quality.

Cross Device Compatible Solution

Silicus strived to deliver an application that would not only capture phone calls flawlessly but also work across different devices and telephony environments. Silicus’ solution design and development approach ensured that the client’s recording solution supported large, multi-site phone systems and leveraged a common architecture for IP recording.

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