About the Client

The client is a media intermediary that aggregates user generated content from individuals for consumption by media outlets. The client’s website provides RSS feeds, podcasts, news feeds, live-streaming, and embeddable videos of breaking news events. A free account is required to use the website. Currently, a user is able to record media and then upload it to the website from a PC.

Once the media is uploaded to the website, major broadcast news networks are notified. If the content airs on a qualified news service, the contributor is notified by email and compensated. However, the client offers no guarantee that all content will necessarily air due to the large amount of submissions received. A user also has the option to anonymously upload content.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to create a mobile app to make it convenient for mobile smartphones users to record and upload newsworthy events immediately as they happen. This is in contrast to far fewer possessing a point-and-shoot camera or camcorder when an event takes place. The client wanted to create an application for both the Android and Apple iOS platforms. The mobile apps needed to:

  • Support Android versions 2.3 and above, and iPhone versions 4.3.5 and above.
  • Provide flexibility for a user to upload their media to the website at their convenience.
  • Enable a user to record media in the absence of the application on their mobile, and then the ability to download the app and upload the media at a later time.
  • Read and send large amounts of data to and from the web service.
  • Be released with an aggressive time-to-market.

Silicus was engaged by the client for its expertise in developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. 

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Silicus Solution

Silicus successfully completed the mobile apps with the following solution highlights:

Innovative & Flexible Capability to Upload Media At Anytime
  • A user can record video / picture / audio using the default image and video capture tools available on their Android device or iPhone. The media can then be uploaded to the server using this application at any time.  The user also has the choice to record media in the absence of the app, download it later, and then upload.
RSS Feeds
  • Users are able to follow and subscribe to RSS feeds, and upload news as per their convenience.
Android and Iphone Push Notification Features
  • The application also uses a third-party API from Urban Airship for their push notification features.
Real-Time Updates
  • The application includes features for real-time updates via push notifications to receive alerts of news events happening in the users’ vicinity.

Technologies Used

3Programming Language
Programming Language

Android SDK, Objective C



Client Benefits

Mobile Application Tailored to User Preferences

The application enables a user to upload media at their convenience, unlike other competing applications which prompt users to capture events and upload during specific events.

Quick Turnaround Time

The application was developed within stringent timelines. Silicus’ project management expertise ensured that the time-to-market commitment was not compromised which the client benefited from.

Proficient Development

Silicus’ extensive experience with mobile app development and leveraging an offshore development team ensured the application was developed proficiently.

Latest Technologies Used

The application was developed using the latest mobile technologies and platforms allowing the client to contend in a very competitive marketplace.

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