iOS Mobile App for RSS News Aggregation and Media Monitoring

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iOS Mobile App for RSS News Aggregation and Media Monitoring

About the Client

The client is a leading online news aggregation and media monitoring solution provider. Their online intelligence service offers a fast, inexpensive and efficient alternative for continuous monitoring across online media including news, RSS feeds, blogs and other information providers. They offer their services in a subscription-based model.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop a secure, customized market intelligence mobile application based on user-specific keywords. This application would provide customers with the ability to keep track of sales and business development opportunities, industry and regulatory data, competitive intelligence, and client news.

Previously, the interface to secure and customize market intelligence was only available via its website. The website provides services to users by aggregating news from over 3000 sources through a set of PHP scripts running on a CentOS server. Due to business goals, they wanted to extend these features to the iOS platform and include the following features on the mobile application:

  • RSS News Aggregation – Extend the proprietary database of validated news, RSS feeds, and information to mobile
  • Keyword Monitoring – Users will be able to monitor news items on their personal news pages either on an iPhone or iPad
  • Filter and customize news as per users’ preferences

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Silicus Solution

To enable the mobile app, Silicus created a web services layer that interacted with the existing website backend as follows:

  • Extended the database design to include device identifiers in existing tables
  • Extended RSS aggregation to mobile devices by developing JSON-based RESTful Web Services
  • Rewriting the cron jobs (scheduled tasks) for media monitoring
  • Include mobile user preferences

The key solution features include:

 Mobile Extension of the Existing Infrastructure
  • The key to success was extending the existing backend database for the mobile app, with no disruption to the web portal.
Keyword Monitoring
  • A user can access the monitoring tool for up to five keywords for free. When a user subscribes to the client’s keyword monitoring service, they receive access to unlimited keywords and phrases.
  • Seamless integration of user keyword monitoring preferences from mobile to the backend
  • Ability for users to monitor news items on their personal news pages

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Objective C and Java

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Operating System
Operating System



Apache Tomcat

Development Environment
Development Environment

Xcode and Eclipse



Tools & Libraries
Tools & Libraries

Enterprise JavaBeans

Client Benefits

Mobile Application Providing Results Based on Users’ Preferences

A user-friendly mobile application which provides a quick and organized way to select, customize and read news on iOS devices.

Quick Response Time

The news aggregation functionality creates a personalized information page for a user. It saves their time that would otherwise be spent on regularly checking individual websites for updated news and information.

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