About the Client

The client is an industry leading real estate Construction Company that builds retail and commercial properties throughout the United States. They work with leading regional developers to provide services in pre-construction, design, construction, and construction management.

Business Challenge

SharePoint Upgrade and Migration

The client’s internal teams (Marketing, IT, Human Resources, Project Managers, Sales, etc.) used SharePoint 2007 for content management, daily tasks, and collaboration. The portal served as a platform to facilitate completion of tasks and activities related to bid management for the client’s large construction projects. It also provided an environment for collaboration for dispersed internal teams, such as Sales teams to collaborate with Accounting, Project Management, and Estimation to ensure smooth submission of project bids.

The client wanted to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 Online for the following reasons:

  • Take advantage of improved document management and collaboration features that could streamline and speed up the bid management process
  • Use SharePoint Online to deploy time tracker and calendar applications for online accessibility for remote employees
Custom Application Development

In order to track and update the work done by field employees, the client wanted to implement a time tracker application and a Project Diary (Calendar) application for senior executives and project superintendents working at various client construction sites.

The client required the assistance of an experienced SharePoint development partner to help them plan and execute a roadmap to migrate to SharePoint 2013 and to custom develop their applications.

Silicus was engaged to provide SharePoint consulting services for migrating to SharePoint 2013 Online and for custom development of the client’s new applications. The requirements of the engagement were as follows:

Project Diary – Develop a new form in the Project Diary. The project diary would be used by superintendents to enter job details and updates about the work performed during that day as well as information regarding problems, delays, inspection visits or safety issues.

  • Project Diary Form should only be used by the superintendents user group
  • Project Diary Form should not be editable after a seven day period
  • Other user groups to be given view only access to the form
  • Job Number and Job Name should be a drop-down box.; all the Job Names should be pulled from the Job Setup List
  • At the end of each work week, the system will auto generate an email with Project Diary details to be sent to the appropriate Project Manager and Vice President

Superintendent Timesheet – Develop a time tracking application for group users to enter time and activity details for the week. The timesheet application consists of a form for entering time details and a log sheet to enter a detailed description of the work performed.

  • Superintendent Timesheets should be submitted weekly and no later than Sunday; after Sunday, superintendents should not be able to edit the timesheet of that week or previous weeks
  • In case a superintendent fails to submit the weekly timesheet, an email notification should be sent to HR and Vice President
  • Email notification sent to HR every Sunday when timesheet is submitted
  • When time is entered, the form should prompt the user to enter a detailed description of the tasks

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Silicus Solution

Silicus recommended the use of a third party tool to facilitate a smooth upgrade since there is no support within SharePoint to directly migrate from SharePoint version 2007 to SharePoint 2013 Online. Additionally, the online version of SharePoint does not have full access over the SharePoint server.

Prior to developing the migration plan, the team conducted a thorough evaluation of third party tools and recommended the Content Matrix tool by Metalogix as the most efficient and most cost effective tool for migrating to SharePoint Online.

Content Matrix by Metalogix

There were several benefits of using Content Matrix for pre-migration and migration activities:

  • Ability to analyze, find and fix potential migration roadblocks since Content Matrix preserves the permissions of the list/library and items during migration, the Silicus team deployed the tool for migrating the document lists and libraries along with all of the content contained within the libraries
  • No need for intermediate SharePoint versions to be deployed and every aspect of the older version could be migrated in one hop
  • Content Matrix allows for unlimited testing, reorganization and management of SharePoint sites and content before live deployment of the new production server, so there was zero downtime during migration.

High level activities performed by Silicus to complete the migration to SharePoint 2013 Online were:

  1. Analysis of the existing system and migration requirements
  2. Research and testing for the migration completed on a test environment deployed on Silicus’ server
  3. Developed and submitted the migration plan
  4. SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 Online migration using Content Matrix
  5. Environment Setup - Configuration of SharePoint 2013 Online including services such as user profile service and configuration of Site Collections, per client specifications
  6. User mapping of the on-premise user list to SP Online version
  7. Verification of migrated site with old SharePoint version

High level activities completed by Silicus to deliver the custom-built forms:

  1. Organized content
  2. Developed forms using InfoPath for
    1. Weekly time sheet
    2. Project Dairy
    3. Superintendent Timesheet
  3. Created a dashboard which displays a list of time sheets not submitted by users for the current week
  4. Checked and verified that permissions were correctly mapped in new portal
  5. SharePoint 2013 out-of-the-box development
  6. Bug fixing and issue resolution for testing the migrated functionality in the InfoPath forms

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

SharePoint 2013 Online


Content Matrix by Metalogix

Web Technologies
Web Technologies

SharePoint 2013 Online

Development Environment
Development Environment

SharePoint 2013



Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

InfoPath 2013, SharePoint 2013 Designer and JQuery

Client Benefits

Seamless Upgrade To Sharepoint 2013 Online

A seamless transition was made possible thanks to Silicus team’s knowhow and experience in managing SharePoint migration projects. The client experienced zero downtime to its IT and intranet services and all content libraries, user groups, permissions and configuration settings were thoroughly checked to ensure the new intranet portal was ready to be used by the client’s employees.

Improved Productivity And Savings With Cloud-Based Solution

The new SharePoint Online portal delivered by Silicus leveraged the power of the cloud for anytime, anywhere accessibility. This was a key benefit for the client as it meant that field-based employees could update their time and activity details remotely. The client was able to enhance the productivity of its workforce and also streamline their business processes. The enhanced features in SharePoint 2013 enabled deeper collaboration within internal teams, resulting in more effective management of project bid submissions.

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