UX Enhancement with .NET WPF for Healthcare ISV

Success Story.

UX Enhancement with .NET WPF for Healthcare ISV

About the Client

Client is a healthcare software company specializing in improving patient safety and reducing fraud through validated patient identity. The Client’s software platform is cloud-based, and integrates the use of patient smart cards and biometric devices into the healthcare system, providing instant, secure and private information exchange between caregivers, medical facilities and patients, thus eliminating repeat medical procedures, and increasing emergency preparedness.

Business Challenge

Client was using a desktop application for Patient Record Management, this application was to be used on Windows Tabs/PC. The current UI wasn’t adequate enough, and they wanted to design an innovative user interface good enough to view on these platforms.

The application had to be built from the scratch, so client provided the relevant wireframes to implement similar UI and behavior in Microsoft.NET WPF.

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Silicus Solution

The User Experience team at Silicus brought in deep knowledge in UX consulting, ideation and presentation to enrich the UI and visualization aspects of the software.

Following the UX design Silicus developed the application using Microsoft.NET WPF, with the following modules and features:

  • Record and maintain patient details
  • Administrator interface
  • User Account Management
  • Patient Portal Registration
  • Configure settings (Access Authorizations)
  • Access and view patient reports
  • Support, wherein users can access manuals and FAQs and also call, email & chat with colleagues and schedule meetings

Using the Microsoft MVVM Platform, Silicus provided a design pattern which includes a bifurcation of the UI and the Business Logic referred by both designers and developers.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

C# 4.0

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Tools/ Frameworks
Tools/ Frameworks

SQL 2008 (Database) and Windows 2012 (applications)

Client Benefits

Requirement Clarity

The requirements got the defining shape with the UI designs, leading to simplification by breaking down into low-level design components, which helped the stakeholders get more clarity on the requirements.

Easy to Understand

The UI design and wireframe, made requirements easier to apprehend, thus helping stakeholders to predict the candidate system.

Reduces Development Time

The system development turn-around and down-time is much reduced due to rich high -quality UI designs and wireframes, leading to efficient and quick development activities.

Visual Delight

The attractive UI layout enriched the look & feel of the screens. The use of preferred icons & objects on the screensgave a value-oriented and a smart look of the UI design thereby, earning competitive advantage with more sensible and result oriented designs.

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