iOS, Android and Web Portal Development for Patient Management

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iOS, Android and Web Portal Development for Patient Management

About the Client

The client is a healthcare software solutions provider, specializing in software for improving healthcare related communication processes. Trusted by more than 250 hospitals, and in thousands of physician practices, the client's solution reduces risk, enhances patient safety, standardizes communication, and ensures compliance.

Business Challenge

In a medical practice, a lot of staff time is wasted working amid age-old paper and phone-based systems. This not only limits the sharing, security and applicability of information, but also creates inefficiencies and can lead to rework. In order to put the medical staff's time to better use and provide patients with better access to healthcare, Silicus provides an array of mobile health solutions.

In this case, the client sought to build a patient-centric mHealth app and a Physician Practice Portal to allow secure, online communications between patients and physicians that will help improve information exchange and reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery. The mobile app is intended to be used by patients, while the physician portal is for the physician's staff. The following were the main requirements for the envisioned application:

Online appointment scheduling, prescription refill request and emergency support services through a mobile app

Patient access to multiple practices from a single mobile app

Mobile interface for effective and secure patient-provider communication

Physician web portal for patient data management and service administration

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Silicus Solution

Silicus successfully designed and developed a patient engagement mobile solution for both Android and iOS platforms. The application comprises a consumer mobile app for patients, and a web-based interface for practice setup, patient data management and service execution. The following are the main features implemented in this solution:

Secure Patient Login

Online Appointment Request – In order to request or reschedule an appointment, the patient can view the complete practice calendar to get details on the nearest location, hours and holidays. Consequently, the patient can request or reschedule an appointment and receive appointment confirmation from the practice.

Prescription Refill Request – The patient can view prescriptions due for refill and request for the same through the mobile app. Thereafter, the patient can also track the prescription status.

Patient Notification – The patient can receive appointment reminders, prescription status and other general communications from the practice through the secure email messaging feature in the mobile app.

Emergency Support – Patients can directly call an emergency support number which will connect him/her to the practice emergency department immediately.

Physician Portal

SaaS Web Portal – The solution is a SaaS application developed for healthcare practices. Individual practices can configure their instances to provide various patient engagement tools to their client base through the mobile application.

Practice Setup – The practice can configure their locations, calendar, and office times through the portal. This, in turn, will be visible to the patients when requesting an appointment.

Patient Data Management – The practice's staff can setup and manage patient data related to patient identification, appointments and prescriptions.

Secured Messaging – The secure messaging feature facilitates better communication between the practice's staff and individuals or patient groups. The feature can be used for various purposes like patient appointment reminders, notifications for prescription status, sending lab results, announcing new service launches and more.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Java (JDK1.6), Objective C

Language ASP.NET MVC4

MySQL 5.1

Mobile Platforms
Mobile Platforms

Android, iOS

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Pushwoosh Notification Service

Operating System
Operating System

Linux (Ubuntu), Windows 7, Mac OS

Build Tool
Build Tool

Maven 2.2.1


NetBeans 7.2 (for web portal), xCode 4.5 (for iPhone App), Eclipse-classic 3.6.2 (for android App)


Spring (3.1.0) , Hibernate (3.6.1), Struts 2

Web Technologies
Web Technologies

J2EE(Servlet, JSP), HTML, JQuery, JavaScript

Web Service
Web Service

Apache CXF

Web Server
Web Server

Apache tomcat

Client Benefits

Enabling Mhealth through Patient Engagement Tool

The mobile application provides multiple features that provide patient engagement functions to improve patient satisfaction. Also, patients can communicate with different physicians or practices from the same mobile app.

Cost Savings through Better Patient-Provider Communication

Features like appointment reminders, cancellation, rescheduling, prescription status and other text message notifications saves the staff's time and significantly reduces the overhead costs of missed appointments, waiting cycles for prescription refill, etc.

Secure Messaging Tool

The application allows cost-efficient secure messaging for various purposes like notifications, service announcements and other general patient communications.

Integration of Third-Party Mobile Tool to Enhance Application Usability

Pushwoosh service has been integrated for implementing remote mobile notification, ensuring that the patient receives timely notifications.

Robust Mobile Application

The mobile application has been tested across various iOS and Android versions and devices in Silicus Mobile Device Lab — a mobile center of excellence offering inventory of leading devices and tools along with highly trained and qualified SMEs.

HIPAA Compliance

Audit logging and access control features on the server side ensure that the solution incorporates security and privacy guidelines of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Product Scalability

The architecture of the product is such that it is capable of interfacing with healthcare systems like EMR and PMS with minimal development effort.

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