About the Client

The client is a provider of financial electronic commerce services and products. The client’s solutions power electronic billing and payment, while automating financial transactions and streamlining regulatory reporting. The client’s solution portfolio includes a membership software solution for the health and fitness club industry.

Business Challenge

An important absence in the clients offering was Point of Sale capability. The client wanted to have this gap plugged before potential customers move over to the competition. The client wanted a tailor made POS based on the user profile and industry.

Silicus operates a Software Lab for development and maintenance of the client's software products and solutions. This engagement was delivered by the Client's software lab.

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Silicus Solution

The first challenge was to identify a design approach within the realms of .NET framework. Silicus used the ASP.NET platform to design and develop the solution. The existing distributed architecture was leveraged to design business components. Key design decisions included:

The user interface was designed with a combination of ASP.NET web components, while Infragistics was used to add richness and usability to the user interface.

Several ActiveX controls were developed for integration with the hardware.

Since POS required faster performance, server side caching framework was developed to improve on the response time by caching the inventory look up / pricing and payment options.

Back end web services were designed over secured channels to provide real-time transaction capabilities.

The POS system was developed to include the following features and functionality:

Performance: The POS system is likely to be used at the client locations to sell merchandise. And during peak hours the POS needed to be highly responsive to provide a fast checkout experience.

Real-time Transactions: The POS system required to have the capability to charge the buyers card for the merchandise sold.

Hardware integration: The POS system needs to integrate with the relevant hardware systems to provide an end to end transaction solution. This required integration with:

  • Cash Drawer
  • POS Itemized billing display
  • Card Swipe Device
  • Receipt Printer
  • Signature Capture Pad
  • The client had a web based product and this was intended to be an addition to the web application offerings.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

.NET framework 1.1, 2.0

Web Server
Web Server

IIS Web Server

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Infragistics UI controls

Client Benefits

Robust and Stable POS Software that Could Integrate With Different Hardware Systems

Silicus Microsoft.NET experts architected a robust and stable system that supported multiple hardware systems easily as well as different brands of products within each hardware category

User-Friendly Ui for Non-Tech Savvy Users

Many of the personnel manning cash counters weren’t tech savvy, and the client wanted to develop a POS software that was powerful yet user friendly with content rich screens.

High Performance Features

The UI, architecture and functionality ensured a fast checkout experience during peak hours, a critical requirement for the client’s customer – retail outlets.

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