About the Client

The client is a healthcare independent software vendor (ISV) started by an established and noted physician and a pharmacist group. The organization offers innovative and efficient software solutions for practice management and interfacing. 

Business Challenge

The client offers various medical services for thorough patient assessments, including a series of comprehensive question sets related to patient symptoms. Subsequently, patient responses are analyzed based on various rules in order to prescribe the appropriate therapy. This paper-based system has the following limitations:

Cumbersome and time-consuming – Manually entering data in the assessment form is time-consuming, creating a bottleneck in the process flow.

No process automation – The therapy strategy prescribed by the pharmacist is based on a manual review process; thus, details can be missed that lead to inefficient recommendations.

Inaccurate cost and effort mapping – It is difficult to determine whether the consultation fee charged by the providers is sufficient to recover the actual cost of allocated resources.

Inability to use analytics – Paper-based records do not allow for consolidated analytics – e.g. disease, symptoms, treatment. Therefore, there are limited disease management capabilities.

Lack of data security – It is difficult to monitor user accessibility, authorization and security for paper-based patient health information.

Limits business scalability – Manual processes limit resources to cater only to local patients.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus has successfully executed the product design and development of both a patient assessment system and a clinical decision support system. Benefits of the solution include:

Web portals – The new system consists of as many as five web-portals to segregate access and functionalities of different user groups like physician, pharmacist, patient, product administrator, and client account manager.

Customizable assessment questionnaire template – The product provides an Assessment Questionnaire Template which can be customized according to requirements of the physician practice. Also, various versions of the questionnaire set can be maintained for the same practice.

Multiple language support – The assessment questionnaire can be presented to the patient in his/her language preference.

Online assessment process – Online assessment form for patients to easily navigate through the questions and choose from appropriate response types.

Clinical Decision support System – The complex patient assessment logic and the set of rules are translated into a decision support system which consists of the assessment algorithm driven by a proprietary business rule engine. The rule engine can be configured according to the practice requirements.

Health Level 7 (HL7) lab order interface – A customized HL7 interface sends lab requests and receives results back from the lab. The interface connects to leading lab order systems like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics.

HIPAA Compliance – HIPAA-related features were also integrated in the system, like audit logging, patient data privacy, and authorization.

Reporting features – Functionality to generate specific reports is integrated into the solution.

ePrescription – Prescriptions can be sent electronically to the pharmacy.

Technologies Used

Development Platform
Development Platform

ASP.NET 4.0 with AJAX, C#, NHibernate, .NET Reporting Tool, WebRule Rule Engine

Database Management
Database Management

MSSQL Server 2008

Source Control
Source Control

Team Foundation Server


TestLink & BugTracker

Project Management
Project Management

Team Foundation Server

Client Benefits

Improved Patient Outcomes

More effective data capturing is now possible to significantly reduce a physician’s time to complete an assessment. This leads to an improvement in patient outcomes as well as patient engagement. Human error is minimized by eliminating manual inputs and processes, resulting in greatly improved efficiency.

Integrates Healthcare Industry Protocols - Hl7 & Hipaa

Use of HL7 standard makes it possible to share clinical data across standard healthcare systems.Security and privacy of electronic personal health records (ePHI) is central to the solution and meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Product Scalability

The SaaS-based model offers a cost advantage that is passed on to the physicians using the system. The product is capable of interfacing with healthcare systems like EMR with minimal development effort.

Multiple Language Support

The product provides multiple language support for assessment forms, thus enhancing the patient experience.


The product can send information directly to pharmacies to review and fill e-prescriptions from physicians.

Cost Savings

The product’s system architecture allows for flexibility and scalability, resulting in significant cost savings in terms of ongoing support and maintenance.

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