Platform Modernization to MVC for Better Reporting & Usability

Success Story.

Platform Modernization to MVC for Better Reporting & Usability

About the Client

The client is an independent energy risk advisory firm providing market guidance to producers, consumers, and capital market participants needing timely and effective market risk advice about energy and energy impacted commodities.

Business Challenge

The Client used obsolete ASP applications and Microsoft Excel for backend processing, thereby maintaining two separate applications

  • Reports were generated manually, using Microsoft Excel which had versioning issues too
  • Use of classic ASP application limited search functionality of massive inventory details
  • Uploading invoices and contracts documents was one of the biggest hurdles as it involved:
    • Receiving generated PDF or PDF sent by the customer
    • Manually Logging into the server and pasting the PDF into the respective folder

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Silicus Solution

  • Silicus modernized the application, combining the obsolete ASP and Excel application into a single user friendly application using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • Silicus implemented Custom Report functionality using Chart Director, for users to create reports as per their needs
  • Soft copy of documents were readily available with just one click by providing the search functionality on Invoices, Contracts etc and then specific document can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Silicus implemented interactive dashboards using “HighCharts” (version 4.0) which provided information in graphical format, displaying an accurate comparison of prices, quantity, deals etc
  • High Charts were used to create widgets for Cash, Price Curve etc viewed in dashboard section
  • Telerik Extension was used for to create more widgets on the dashboard for invoices and other modules
  • The interactive dashboards gave users access to real time market prices and information, this data is fetched from, the output is in the form of JSON, which is converted to an image and same is displayed on dashboard widget.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC


HighCharts (version 4.0), Telerik Controls, and Chart Director.


Microsoft.NET, Entity Framework


Visual Studio 2013

Client Benefits

Easily identifying Market Risk

The Interactive dashboard solution with multiple configurable widgets on a single page helped users to quickly identify the market risks without going through spreadsheets

Dynamic Report Generation

Advanced custom report implementation helped to generate dynamic reports as per user needs

Reduce Document Search Time

User can easily search and find required documents at one central place, thus reducing the overall searching time

Ease of Admin Tasks by providing
  • Activity Log Screen
  • Access Control Management
  • Message Template
  • Email Account Configuration

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