About the Client

The client provides a software platform that manages the benefits packages of 150 plus organizations and over 1.5 million plan participant accounts to securely store, support and manage them. The platform provides real-time access to eligibility, beneficiaries, billing, communications and reporting data. The solutions of the Client integrated proprietary and commercially available technologies into a single system. The technology uses an exclusive core system that’s uniquely customizable to the each client’s specific needs.

Business Challenge

  • Client was using an outdated ETL process to load its customers data, which became too cumbersome and time-consuming process, this led to delay in data extraction
  • Data extraction from end-customer Database, and re-arranging this data according to customized database attributes of the end customers

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Silicus Solution

Silicus was engaged for data migration from the existing Employee Benefit Database using the Microsoft SSIS tool, based on specific business logic and rules. The Database and Data structure of the client’s customers were different from each other, this created challenges while mapping the data in SSIS tool.

The following processes were followed while migrating the data:

  • The data extraction requirement of the client’s customers was studied and analyzed using the SSIS tool
  • The Employee’s benefit details were extracted from the client’s database
  • Based on the business logic and rules stated in extraction requirement, the data was transferred to SSIS tool using the algorithms developed in C#
  • The data were loaded into desired file format (.CSV, Excel etc.) and uploaded to the client’s FTP server

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

Microsoft SSIS Tool

Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012


Visual Studio 2012

Client Benefits

Bridge Technical Competency

The client did not have the expertise to extract, transform and load business data. This technical gap was addressed by outsourcing the ETL work, leading to efficient and on time completion.

Faster Decision Making

Streamlining of the ETL process allowed the client’s senior management to take faster decisions, leading to improved efficiency and results.

Process Automation

ETL–SSIS automated the data extraction process, freeing client time and resources to better manage their customer requirements for data extraction.

Re-Usable Solution

The algorithms developed by Silicus could be re-used for different clients, having different ETL data requirement. Also data can be extracted, transformed and loaded based on different business logic and rules.

Reduced Downtime

With the implementation of ETL–SSIS, the downtime and unproductive efforts were reduced, resulting in efficient use of data without facing any process gaps.

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