E-Commerce Kiosk development for Fortune 100 Technology Major

Success Story.

E-Commerce Kiosk development for Fortune 100 Technology Major

About the Client

The Client is a Fortune 100 Technology Company operating in more than 170 countries around the world, providing technology solutions and services for consumers, small-businesses, enterprises and government.

Business Challenge

Silicus had helped the client develop a world-class e-commerce software platform. As a trusted software technology partner, Silicus was already managing software development and maintenance for a portfolio of e-commerce assets across multiple business units and geographies.

As a new initiative, the client wanted to develop and roll-out a long-awaited online retail kiosk application in Latin America to expand its market reach in the geography.

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Silicus Solution

User Interface

While designing the retail kiosk, UI designers adopted skin styles and layouts similar to existing retail kiosks.  The online kiosk application was designed to offer customers “choice and control” with a web based system. Buyers could click through the application and assemble a built-to-order configuration choosing components based on their budgets and needs.

Retail Kiosk Functionality for Buyers

Silicus delivered the retail kiosk with features for buyers to configure different products, check all possible combinations and their pricing and be able to choose the best configuration of the products. Once the configuration was built, users could check out and complete their order.

Retail Kiosk Administration

System and application administrators were provided with simple and easy to use admin tools to manage the online kiosk . Some of the features include:

  • The ability to define, configure, manage and price different products and components. Predefine restrictions for product configuration and combinations
  • The ability to define and calculate prices in different currencies to reflect instant price changes of the components and products
  • The ability to create and manage users for this system to provide different levels of control over the tool
  • The ability to create, manage and launch different promotions or ads for the products
  • The ability to define and manage different programs for selling products

Technologies Used




SQL Server



Web Server
Web Server



Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio

Client Benefits

Accelerated time to deployment

Silicus had architected the client’s e-commerce platform, and the knowledge helped accelerate design, development and deployment of the retail kiosk solution. The solution allowed the client to establish a much awaited market presence in a new geography.

Elegant and robust design

The kiosk solution was designed with the end customer in mind; a user friendly and interactive software application was developed making it easy and intuitive to browse and configure products on the kiosks. On completing their built-to-order specification the users could checkout and complete their order on the kiosk.

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