Secure Communication App Development for Network Security Firm

Success Story.

Secure Communication App Development for Network Security Firm

About the Client

The client is a highly respected network security systems company, providing network management, cyber security and software development services to both the government and commercial sectors. The team of seasoned engineers and professionals possesses significant real-world experience with hardware and software acquisitions, engineering services and custom software development. 

Business Challenge

The client needed a highly secure and versatile, cross-platform communication solution for those dealing with highly sensitive information – particularly in the healthcare, telemedicine, finance and mortgage banking fields.  From a single pane of glass, the solution needed to allow for a variety of communication methods, including calls using VoIP, video conferencing, alerts and notifications, text messages, and large file transfers. To ensure security would not be compromised, the application needed to meet HIPAA compliance standards, strict military-level security requirements and provide a complete, unalterable audit trail.

Prior to engaging Silicus, existing solutions fell short of the mark as they did not meet the security and compliance requirements. Moreover, no application integrated text, audio, and video into a single web-based system that required no client-side installation of any hardware or software.

The market was demanding a robust, enterprise-level communication solution. Ready to seize the opportunity, the client sought an experienced partner to help create and deliver an auditable, fully integrated communications system that did not compromise security.

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Silicus Solution

Secure Web-Based Communication Application

The company decided to partner with the Silicus team based on their experience and previous successes in developing high-end communication applications. Silicus used open-source technologies to make the solution economical, curtailing the cost of expensive licensing fees. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach was selected to deliver the flexibility required by the client.

Key to success was an intuitive user interface and an icon-driven approach was chosen to make using the system as easy as possible. The user could quickly start or add new members to a conversation by simply dragging and dropping a contact name from the address book into the conversation.

The application is designed to allow a large number of users to communicate simultaneously through secure VoIP and video conferencing. To ensure these users can use the solution from practically any device with a web browser, multiple and diverse communication protocols and formats are supported.

Text messages and alerts can be delivered to any number of people.  With speed and efficiency in mind, users have the ability to quickly transition from a text chat to a voice call, all while sending a large file. These files can be transferred with no size limitations.

To truly set this solution apart from the competition, system administrators have the ability to determine which communications can be recorded – important for meeting compliance standards like HIPAA. Recorded conversations can then be archived, searched and viewed at a later time by attendees and those who are not able to participate at the designated time. This ensures no one misses any part of the conversation – e.g. if a member of a communication stream is unavailable or becomes disconnected.

Developing this “save it for later” concept even further, a user is given the option to select files and schedule them to be received later – for example, when the user has more time or requires faster internet speed. At the time of development, no other solution on the market offers this proprietary feature.

Administrators are provided with a secure portal to easily manage subscriptions, system configuration, and user groups. Account managers and support team members have portals that simplify client account and license management – all in compliance with their access and security needs. Furthermore, a fully-encrypted, browsable read-only archive is included that cannot be altered or manipulated to meet compliance and security standards.

This solution has given organizations an economic option to efficiently communicate and share information. Not only does it provide robust security, but also the convenience and simplicity users crave.

Technologies Used




MVC with Apache Struts 2.1, JSP/Servlets, Hibernate 3.0, Kamailio - SIP Server, Java Applet Technology, JVoicebridge – Audio conference bridge, VLCJ – Java library for VideoLAN, Apache Codecs for encryption/decryption, Jmesa library – for data grid


MySQL 5.1, Apache Jackrabbit


Sun Metro Web Service Framework, Spring Framework 2.5


JUnit 3.0, SIPP, Testlink

Builds and Release
Builds and Release

Apache Maven, Apache Ant, Hudson, SVN

Project Management
Project Management

JIRA, Confluence

Operating System
Operating System

Ubuntu 10.0.4 LTS

Client Benefits

Anywhere, Anytime Communication From A Single Pane Of Glass

The client’s strong partnership with Silicus delivers a web-based application that can be accessed from any Java-enabled device and addresses many market demands for an integrated, cross-platform communication solution. System administrators finally have a solution that gives them control over which communications are recorded to meet compliance and security requirements. Files can be transmitted without any size constraints or data loss.

Most Secure & Compliant Communication Tool On The Market

Silicus’ deep expertise meeting security and compliance requirements led to the first online communication solution to successfully use military-level encryption, be HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and provide an unalterable audit trail. Entire communications are recorded, archived and available for anytime access.

Cost-Effective With Flexible Saas Or On-Premise Hosting

Silicus’ use of open source tools and platforms minimized the upfront investment required in expensive audio and video conferencing servers. The solution can meet the requirements of an organization through SaaS or dedicated installation. Moreover, no installation or special hardware is required by the user.

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