Boosting Mobile Salesforce Productivity with Secure, Managed Mobile Devices

Success Story.

Boosting Mobile Salesforce Productivity with Secure, Managed Mobile Devices

About the Client

The Client has a complete portfolio of trusted and effective hygiene and infection control products, generating annual revenues of $ 440 MN in 2015. For over 35 years, the client has also provided support and education to help healthcare facilities put systems in place that address infection prevention challenges collectively.

The Client is a leading provider of every type of healthcare facility with the educational tools and support they need to reach their infection prevention goals.

Business Challenge

The client’s sales process involved visits by the territory sales associates (TSA’s) to hospital and clinics that were their customers. In the prior process, there were inefficiencies in data collection and reporting using pen and paper method.

  • There was time lag between submitting assessment reports by Territorial Sales Associates (TSA) to Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Associates who were the final reviewers
  • MSL’s schedule TSA visits to client locations, there were concerns related to data capture and co-ordination since this was a manual process
  • Data archival process was not established
  • The collected information was not integrated and thus there were challenges in identifying the origin of the information

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed an iPad app for automating the assessment processes, so that the Client can strategically use their resources to gain more client base.

The following features were provided in iPad app:

  • Registration and Validation of the TSA and MSL Associates was done using Salesforce
  • Online requesting and scheduling of assessment visits
  • Template driven creation of agreements, scripts, reports, invoices, product installation instructions and other communications associated with the assessment process were all done using Salesforce
  • Add and update the client contact information and other details in the iPad app
  • Ability to create and finalize the Assessment Plan by the TSA’s and send them for further review and approval to MSL
  • Pictures, notes, diagrams, and other data captured during the assessment process are fed directly into the reports and complete the overall Assessment process using the iPad App
  • Reports are housed in a searchable database to permit methodical follow- up using Salesforce

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Objective C

Language ASP.NET MVC4


3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Interfaces


Client Benefits

Increased Throughput

Post implementation of the iPad app, the assessment processes became more advanced, automated and throughput between the processes increased.

Simplify Communication

The iPad app connected employees and enhanced the communication between them. At regular intervals and after certain business activities, the app sends notifications and auto generated emails, this bridges the communication gap.

Efficiency & Effectiveness In Work
  • With the use of the iPad app, the work of the Infection Control Professionals was done efficiently
  • The app captured pre-visits, concerns and details, which added value in the assessment process
  • All the assessment observations/results was captured, analyzed and integrated into reports
  • Effectiveness of processes increased, due to the availability of collected data and reporting feature

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