About the Client

Client is the premier provider of pediatric services in the DC area, the only healthcare provider specializing in kids. It has a global reputation for pioneering new therapies and treatments, including heart, cancer, neurology, and general surgery innovations and is ranked seventh in NIH research funding for pediatric institutions.

Business Challenge

As a sought after medical care institution for kids, the client’s patients came from across the United States. Once primary treatment was completed, the secondary care and monitoring could be done from the patient’s homes. However, the client wanted to have oversight in pro-active monitoring of vital signs and ensuring timely action is being taken in abnormal scenarios.

The Client wanted Silicus to develop a mobile application that could be installed on the smart phones of healthcare practitioners, to help them monitor and manage their patient’s health condition remotely.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a native mobile application specifically for iPads and iPhones. The application enabled secured access to real-time patient critical information, with the following highlights:

  • Patient Dashboard

    Offered quick links and notifications to patient vitals, lab results, radiology images, medications, allergies, and more. It also had color-coded UI alerts to prioritize areas which required immediate attention

  • Graphs and Patient Timelines

    Showed real-time patient data to plot out a patient’s hospital course in a visually appealing and wieldy design. A physician could see the patient summary, his/her visit details, and expected trajectory. Also, prognosis for patient vitals such as heart rate could be suggested on graphs after certain medications were administered

  • Instant Messaging

    Practitioners across locations could collaborate remotely for patient care planning and treatment using this feature. All communications were logged with each case for future references

Effective multimedia integration enabled high-resolution images and video recordings of diagnostic procedures including CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasounds. Since the application was intended to be used within as well as outside the hospital network, it had robust access control features.

Active menu as a side bar helped users switch promptly from one screen to another experiencing easy navigation.

Users could also put certain application functionalities on ‘’ON/OFF’’ mode as was required for a patient.

Technologies Used



Language ASP.NET MVC4

Objective C

Development Enviornment


UI Design Tools
UI Design Tools

Dreamweaver (screens) ShinobiCharts (graphs)

Client Benefits

Fast and Convenient Solution

With remote access to patient information, healthcare staff received much needed control and flexibility to coordinate necessary patient care anytime, anywhere.

Continuum of Care

Features, such as, instant messaging and availability of all patient information helped health practitioners to better plan and implement patient care. There was no need to decipher any handwritten information by other practitioners or wait to meet them for this.

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