About the Client

Founded in 2006 the client serves over 300 banks and credit unions, providing turn-key account acquisition and fee income enhancement services. They specialize in Pay for Performance Account Acquisition, Referral Marketing, Debit Card Rewards and Incentivized Direct Mail.

The client’s technology driven solutions leverage customer touch points at financial institutions and convert them into referral account openings. The solution transforms branches, telephone banking, call centers and websites into channels for rewarding existing banking customers and acquiring new ones.

Business Challenge

The Client previously used a traditional web based referral application that wasn’t optimized for latest technology changes such as responsive design and validations, so user experience was a concern. The client needed to move to an advanced referral application interface that included all the improved features. Apart from this, the client wanted to push the application use towards next-gen interfaces offered by native mobile apps, in a bid to improve the application adoption rates.

Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a native mobile application that could be used by end users to refer their friends to open new bank accounts and receive bonus amounts for each qualified referral. Android Studio was used to develop this application in Android and Xcode IDE was used for application development on iOS platform.

Apple Push Notifications (APNs and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) was leveraged for sending notification data to the application, for the Apple and Android versions respectively.

ShinobiCharts were leveraged to illustrate referral data with interactive, beautiful and high-performance bar charts for iOS, while AChartEngine was used to achieve the same effect for Android.

Facebook SDK and Twitter SDK were used for social media integration.

The different functional features of the application included:

  • Refer Friends - Through Text, E-mail, FB, and Twitter
  • Manage & Track Success - View reward progress and make additional referrals all in one convenient place
  • Quick Access - Enable quick login feature after first sign on, for faster access to referrals

Technologies Used


Java, Objective C


iOS, Android


Android Studio, Xcode


Shinobi Charts, AChartEngine

3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations

FB SDK, GCM, Twitter SDK, APNs

Client Benefits

Increased Customer Retention & Satisfaction

Transition to a more contemporary technology platform coupled with application access through a native mobile application led to an increased customer retention for the clients as well as overall customer satisfaction.

Reduced Advertisement Budget

Integrations with Facebook and Twitter, and easy access through a mobile application enabled easy management of reward cards on account referrals, and better acceptability for the client’s applications. This was achieved without having to increase the promotion budget, since satisfied customers spread the news about the safe & secure app to others who willingly download the app.

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