Secure Chat App Development for Healthcare Technology Company

Success Story.

Secure Chat App Development for Healthcare Technology Company

About the Client

Founded in 2012, the client’s solutions focus on SMS and email security in healthcare. In 2014, the client partnered Columbia Memorial Hospital to provide a self-contained communication app which could be used by hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes and hospice agencies.

Business Challenge

The Client previously used a traditional messaging interface that wasn’t easy to use by the doctors and the patients, so user experience was a concern. The client needed to move to a new messaging interface that included all the improved features present in the latest chat applications, leading to higher adoption rate of their chat application.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus helped develop an enterprise chat application that could be used by the doctors and the patients, with the following features:

  • In this application, the message and images are encrypted and called “cover messages“, that appear as normal messages. However, only the intended recipient(s) can decode the message. The encryptions implemented by Silicus make it almost impossible to interpret.
  • Following UI screens were developed:
    • Unlock / Lock Screen which lets users set the privacy code
    • Login screen, for doctors/ patients
  • To send a message, the users selects the name of the person, choosing the status as either Emergent, Urgent or Normal.
  • For Emergent and Urgent Status the message screen displays “Emergent Message “with a red dot and “Urgent Message “with a yellow dot, camouflaging the original message
  • For Normal Messages, users can hide the message using any cover messages e.g.: “Please Call”, then on double tapping the cover message the original message can be viewed
  • Users can also send an audio message and attach images

On the technology side, the application was architected with the following considerations:

  • The application architecture enables 60%-90% code reuse across device platforms
  • Delivers fully native apps for rich user experience
  • Supports new OS releases
  • Lazy Loading Functionality has been incorporated to save bandwidth, where only a thumbnail of the message can be seen, on clicking the thumbnail the full image is revealed
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for deployment
  • Silicus used Titanium SDK 3.X to build a cross –platform mobile application using JavaScript and Titanium IDE, which abstracts the native APIs of the mobile platforms

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

C#, Java Script

Language ASP.NET MVC4

iOS 7.0 and above

Database SQL Server 2012

MS SQL 2012


Titanium SDK 4.X, Visual Studio 2013


MVC .NET 4.5 Framework

Client Benefits

Cost Effective

The Client adopted the hybrid application suggested by Silicus, which is easier to maintain as there is only one codebase to deal with. Also the hybrid application combines characteristics of native and web-based applications, enabling compatibility with different platforms.

Customer Satisfaction

The chat application has helped the client’s customers interact with medical service providers in a safe, quick and easy way, leading to wider adoption and customer satisfaction.

Engaging clients from different domains

The unique and innovative features in the chat application attracted customers from outside the healthcare domain as well, customers from financial sectors express interest to build a similar chat application for sharing confidential financial information.

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