About the Client

The client is a leading provider of call center wallboard software for contact centers. Its solutions include award-winning call center reporting software applications designed to collect real-time and historical data, which can be displayed on LCD screens, dashboards, tablet PC's, LED wallboards, desktops, mobile devices, web-based reports and email notifications.

The client solves real-time communication challenges across multiple industries like banking and financial, healthcare, utilities, insurance, hospitality, manufacturing, government, distribution, education and retail. Additionally, the call center reporting software is compatible with Avaya, Cisco and many other vendors and suppliers with which it partners.

Business Challenge

The client maintained a functionally complex product that had severe performance issues due to poor software architecture and design. The software required a lot of duplication within data items and for data collection, which increased the implementation time of the software. There was also a need to standardize the installation and give the end user a more powerful product. The existing functionality and architecture had to be enhanced, and new components were to be added to the software.

A partner with a proven track record of designing and architecting software on the latest platforms and technologies was sought. The client chose Silicus for its strength on the Microsoft platform, and its track record of delivering high-quality solutions using the most relevant technologies.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus successfully completed the re-architecture, design, enhancement and development of the existing and new software components; while also developing deployable setups for all of the client's products.

The existing software engine was completely eliminated and was integrated with the data source for enhancing the data capture and processing capabilities. Prior to this, the sole purpose of the engine was to execute queries at predefined intervals and make them available to the design and display components.

Additional features were added to the design portion of the product suite, apart from improving the existing features. Support was added for enhanced charts, searching for data items, lesser color theme selection, sharing of frames across displays, shared media server, and security. The frame design studio was also integrated with the data source.

Features were added and enhanced in the display component of the product suite. First, the display component was integrated with the data source. Then, security and user logging features were added. Enhancements eliminated a delay in displaying frames that resulted in seeing a blank screen.

A web-based tool was developed to enable and disable frames, change the content in a message, add a frame to display, and edit the frame flip timing.

The weather display was enhanced to include real-time viewing by collecting pictures for different weather conditions, and tweaking the data source for displaying weather conditions.

The toolbox, which is a part of the design studio, used for designing frames, was enhanced. Several design features were also added to the toolbox. These included drill down of charts, drill down on individual elements for more detail and adding transparency to graphs among others.

Since the display screen could vary from hardware to hardware, the design was changed to include support for different resolutions.

Support was added for RSS feeds, message tickers, Microsoft PowerPoint and style elements were added to the charts and graphs.

Easy-to-deploy setups were developed and provided to the client for all components of the suite.

Technologies Used






SQL Server 2008 R2


Windows 7

Exception Handling
Exception Handling


3rd Party Integrations
Third Party Integrations

Visifire WPF Controls, Telerik WPF Controls

App Server
App Server


Client Benefits

Radical Performance Improvements

With the new software release, the major performance bottlenecks were addressed. This was done by changing the design and architecture of the software, enhancing existing modules and adding new modules. Initially, the data had a display interval of almost 30 seconds; now it had been reduced to nearly zero.

Modern, Well-Designed Software

The latest technology and third-party components – coupled with solid design, development and architecture – was used to develop new, scalable, cutting-edge software. With its enhancements completed, the product suite was capable of competing with the best-of-breed software in the market.

Web-Based Administration

A simple, web-based administration tool was developed to manage the display of data. This made the product suite easy to use. The web-based tool was used to enable and disable frames, change the content in a message, add a frame to display, and edit the frame-flip timing.

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