Cross Platform Compatibility Testing for Healthcare Media Firm

Success Story.

Cross Platform Compatibility Testing for Healthcare Media Firm

About the Client

Client is a leading healthcare media company providing bespoke solutions to the global healthcare market. They provide reference data, decision support solutions, news and education to communities of general practitioners, specialist doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients across 26 countries.

Business Challenge

The client maintains several complex healthcare related websites for several medical specialties. The websites were re-designed to accommodate additional features and be mobile friendly. With the development almost complete for the brand new healthcare media websites, the client wanted independent testing & verification to ensure that the websites rendered correctly across various mobile devices and browsers. Specifically, the client required assistance with:

  • Mobile Device Testing across multiple platforms
  • Multiple Browser Testing across all versions, platforms, devices
  • End-to-end System Testing

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Silicus Solution

Silicus successfully completed the independent testing of the various healthcare websites. A thorough study of the website was conducted by the team to understand all the features, functionalities, complexity level, data flow, security levels, usability perspective, UI designs, layouts, social media channels, multimedia features like videos, podcast, resources, downloads and various other aspects relevant to the website. Following the website study phase, an in-depth feature list mapping was created. Taking inputs from the prior two steps, the team created a comprehensive test environment for this project in the Silicus Mobile Testing Lab, in order to accomplish testing across following platforms:

  • Operating Systems – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Gingerbread & Honeycomb versions.
  • Browsers – Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Mobile Devices – Various versions of iPads, iPhones, Samsung Smartphones, and Galaxy Tabs.

A comprehensive Compatibility Test Matrix report was created to display multi-dimensional testing criterion mapped against the features identified for testing. Some of the testing dimensions were logical requirement classification, testing device platform, supporting browsers and many more. This provided excellent support to facilitate easy viewing, tracking, reporting and helped in overall governance of the project. Bug Report Chart sent on daily basis ensured tight co-ordination between the testing team and the client’s development team. Apart from the above testing strategy, end-to-end testing included functional, regression and system testing, ensuring robust quality assurance.

Technologies Used

Test Management Platform
Test Management Platform

JIRA Bug Tracking Tool

Client Benefits

Project Acceleration

Silicus Mobile Testing Lab was a major accelerator for the project, providing access to all mobile devices and related talent pool at one place. Significant Cost Saving: Silicus Mobile Testing Lab, with its, large inventory of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile tablets and smartphones helped save significant costs for the client as the client did not need to invest in these devices.

Innovative Project Engagement Model

Innovative project management, reporting and co-ordination resulted in completing the project on time, with very little support required after the project delivery. This also led the client to go live within a very short period after project release.

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