Automated Regression Testing of Content Syndication Portal

Success Story.

Automated Regression Testing of Content Syndication Portal

About the Client

The client is a successful Web 2.0 solutions company, offering solutions that allow users to discover and publish the best Web content for targeted online audiences.

The software application extracts the best content in the form of feeds, white papers, blogs, etc. from the web and publishes the data into their own internally designed template.

Business Challenge

The client’s in-house software development team releases enhancements to the solution on a weekly basis. With such short release cycles, the client was looking for a software service provider with broad experience in software testing to complement its enhancement efforts.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus provided the client with an experienced software QA engineer to work with the development team to test solution enhancements. The software QA Engineer would take part in the daily scrum meetings with the on site development team and prepare the test cases and scenarios for each new enhancement.

For each release, the following software enhancement cycle was followed:

  • Client provides software test requirements in a wiki
  • Silicus QA engineer studies requirements and writes software test cases to capture all functional areas
  • Client approves the software test cases or requests changes
  • QA engineer executes approved software test cases
  • Bugs are reported and solved by the client's in-house software team
  • Enhancement is released to the live software application

For each software release, testing involved the following activities:

  • Test case preparation
  • Regression testing
  • Platform compatibility testing
  • Browser compatibility testing

In an effort to speed up software testing, Silicus helped the client use the Selenium test automation framework for test automation. Silicus test automation experts identified candidate test cases that can be automated and successfully completed a project for automating a few modules using Selenium.

Technologies Used


Ruby on rails, Java, AJAX


Windows XP Professional



Defect tracking tool
Defect tracking tool



Java Script

Automated Testing
Automated Testing


Client Benefits

Agile Scrum Based Software Testing

Silicus fitted perfectly into the client’s existing scrum based software development methodology that was based on weekly deliverables. Silicus executed the software QA function within the confines of the Agile scrum methodology

Test Automation Using Selenium

In an effort to improve the productivity and efficiency of the software test process, Silicus helped the client take the first steps in software test automation using Selenium

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