HIPAA compliant Secure Mobile Communication App Development

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HIPAA compliant Secure Mobile Communication App Development

About the Client

The client is a healthcare software solutions provider, specializing in mobile health solutions for medical practitioners.

Business Challenge

Patient encounter notes taken down by the attending physician are crucial for diagnosis, disease management and billing. To collect and send every patient encounter note to the medical coder is a cumbersome activity for the client’s clinic staff. The client has faced the following challenges resulting in significant revenue loss:

Inconsistent Processes for Visiting Physicians – The physicians visiting the hospital were not hospital employees, thus they visited hospitals and billed separately through their own practices. Due to this, they were not allowed to take patient charts with them and would quite often forget to provide all the diagnosis details to their billing department. Thus, the coders were not coding the claims correctly, which resulted in revenue loss.

Lack of Standard Communication Protocol – There was no specific electronic protocol to transfer physician notes to the medical coding team. This led to manual errors and loss of information.

Inconsistent Record Keeping – Difficulty in tracking evidence (physician notes) for patient encounters resulted in incomplete record keeping due to misplacement of notes, loss of partial information and lack of governance. This often caused discrepancies at the time of audit by the Insurance companies.

Patient Data Security – Patient-encounter notes carry sensitive medical records. Current processes had flaws in protecting critical patient information.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus has successfully designed and developed a consumer mobile application, which can be used for sending images through secured, password-protected PDFs.  The use of the mobile app is not limited to the healthcare domain only; it can very well be used for similar tasks in other streams of business. Below highlights Silicus’ solution approach:

Silicus designed the solution for the mobile application to capture physician’s notes for every patient encounter at the point-of-care. The mobile application can be installed on iPhone and iPad devices.

The mobile application allows the physician to take one or more pictures of the patient chart; after final review by the physician, all images are combined into a single PDF file by the app internally. Thereafter, the file is directly sent to the coding team via email.

The app allows sending of additional information along with the images of the patient chart. Information fields can be configured and customized as per specific workflow requirements.

The mobile application provides secured user login to prevent unauthorized access. Also, the server-side application supports features for user activity logging.

Technologies Used

Development Platform
Development Platform

iOS Development using Objective-C and XCode

Client Benefits

Better Patient Care

The ability for patient notes to be captured accurately via internet/WiFi-enabled mobile devices at the point-of-care make it easier for physicians to focus on patient needs.

Better Patient Treatment Plan Management

Due to quick and easy storage and transfer of patient-encounter notes along with related information, physicians see an improved recall of their care plans, and better preparation for future visits when using this mobile -based solution.

HIPAA Compliant

Features like audit tracking and access control ensure that the solution incorporates security and privacy guidelines of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Improved Productivity

The standardized process to map doctor visits and their claims, depending on patient encounter notes, results in better effort utilization of the medical coding team and helps eliminate costs of inefficiencies.

Robust Mobile Application

The mobile application was tested across various iOS versions and devices in the Silicus Mobile Device Lab – a mobile center of excellence offering inventory of leading devices and tools along with highly trained and qualified SMEs.

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