Healthcare Patient Assistance Program App Enhancement

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Healthcare Patient Assistance Program App Enhancement

About the Client

The client helps healthcare providers reduce pharmaceutical costs and enhance the patient revenue cycle. They do this by connecting pharmaceutical manufacturers to patients via Patient Assistance Programs. This helps relieve a portion of the medical debt burden and facilitate healthcare providers to recover the cost of medicines administered.

Business Challenge

The client’s CRM system receives, saves, and manages patient information, including Patient Enrollment (PEID), Case (CID), and Case Detail (CDID). It processes patient details to the PAP form repository where patient details are added to the PAP eForm. This eForm exists in an Adobe PDF format. Subsequently, the filled PAP eForm with attachments is sent for review, edit, approval, signature, and updated to EchoSign - an online signature service. Later the eForm is sent and saved in the respective folder in SharePoint.  

The client’s CRM system was not completely automated. Users worked on paper-based PAP forms for review, approval, signature, and update. There were challenges in filling the eForm due to redundant information from templates of different insurance companies. Manual tracking for form filling, review, and approval was difficult. Thus they wanted an application that would do the following:

  • Enable PDF editing of the PAP eForm so that it could be edited during reviews
  • Replace the eForm in the Adobe PDF format to Active PDF
  • Build workflow for approving PAP form
  • Ability to add attachments during approval
  • Capability to send and save PAP eForm in the respective case folder in SharePoint

Silicus Solution

Silicus developed an application that automated the workflow of a fully-online PAPS eForm management system. The key features of the solution include:

3rd Party PAP Plug-ins

  • Implementation and integration of a standalone third-party plug-in module with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Allows PDF Editing and restricts field edit as per the workflow
  • Review capability for next approval
  • Integration of the PAP plug-in module with the SharePoint document management system. The plug-in enables an eForm to be saved in the respective folder in SharePoint.
  • Integration with Sfax
  • A signed eForm with the patient case information is directly sent from the application to the drug manufacturer.

Dynamics CRM Customization

  • Customizing Dynamics CRM to integrate the new PAPs plug-in
  • The CRM system merges patient details from its end on the eForm. It saves the same in the CRM database against the respective Case Detail (CDID).
  • Every CRM unique identifier for the PDF forms is linked with EchoSign and each eForm has a unique CRM ID linked with EchoSign


  • Conversion of all paper forms to electronic Adobe forms (PDF with editing capability)

Technologies Used




SQL Server 2008 R2


Microsoft .NET

Development Environment
Development Environment

Visual Studio 2010, CRM 2011 on-premise, ASP.NET Web Forms


.NET 3.5

Builds And Release
Builds And Release

TFS, GitHub

Project Management
Project Management

Jira, Bugzilla

Tools / Libraries
Tools / Libraries

CRM 2011 Web Service APIs, Custom .NET ASPX screens, S Fax APIs, Active PDF, I Text

Client Benefits

Business Process Efficiency

Signed eForms along with the patient case information are sent to the respective drug manufacturers directly from the application, automating the process and maintaining information confidentiality.

Online Form Management

Managing online versions of eForms is easier and saves time. This has minimized human error and redundancy in updating information.

Process Efficiency

The application enabled better process tracking and monitoring. The time required to process an application has been drastically reduced.

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