About the Client

The client provides technology solutions that increase organizational efficiency through Google Apps based cloud-computing solutions. The client owns software products that simplify the adoption and transition of organizations towards Google applications and infrastructure. The client’s software products facilitate adoption of Google Mail, Google Docs and other Google infrastructure within organizations.

Business Challenge

The client’s software product portfolio includes a suite of tools to automate migration of First-Class, NSF and Microsoft Outlook PST mail servers to Google Mail. However, there were limitations in the application, and manual intervention was required frequently for problem solving and fixing issues.

The client sought an offshore software technology partner to build a common platform for migrating mails from different IMAP and Mail Web servers like GroupWise and First-Class Mail Web Servers. The software platform/application needed to be capable of reading Microsoft Outlook PST files and Lotus notes databases. The application had to be an enterprise grade application supporting large user mailboxes and capable of simultaneously performing multiple user mailbox migrations.

The client chose Silicus for developing the software platform for migrating different mail servers to Google mail. Silicus would also provide offshore support for implementation and mail migration of the client’s end customers on an on-going basis. The client also maintained a full time Google Apps / Java based software development team to develop new software tools / accelerators and improve the features and performance of existing software.

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Silicus Solution

The Google Mail Migration software application is a web based application based on Java EE Spring, Hibernate, JSP/Servlet, Google Mail Migration SDK, PostGreSQL and Amazon Web Services/Cloud technology. The software application migrates mailboxes from different types of mail servers to the corresponding Google mail account. The application follows the Google rfc 822 mail formats for generating mail structures for migrating to the Google mail account.

Silicus worked on enhancing and maintaining following e-mail migration modules within the software application:

  • Lotus NSF to Google Mail module  - migrates mails and attachments from Lotus NSF files to the corresponding Google mail account
  • The First-Class Server to Google Mail module - migrates mails and attachments from First-Class HTML mail server to the corresponding Google mail account, supports all First-Class Server Versions
  • The IMAP Server to Google Mail module - migrates mails and attachments from the IMAP mail server to the corresponding Google mail account
  • The Outlook PST to Google Mail module - migrates mails and attachments from the Microsoft Outlook PST file to the corresponding Google mail account
  • The GroupWise Mail Server to Google Mail module - migrates mails and attachments from the GroupWise mail account to the corresponding Google mail account

As part of the mail migration platform, Silicus Google Apps software experts developed a migration log reporting module that updates the user regarding number of migrated mails, failed mails, errors and mails in migration queue. The module would also show cumulative migration status reports in percentage for all users.

Silicus software engineering services included the following:

  • Maintenance issues, bugs and enhancements
  • Remote debugging
  • Performance tuning and code optimization
  • Amazon cloud deployment and testing
  • PostGreSQL database management and tuning
  • Java/JSP Spring, Hibernate development
  • Functionality and Performance Testing
  • Production testing and error resolution
  • Build management and deployment

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Java, Java EE

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Sun Java 1.6

Language ASP.NET MVC4



Eclipse 3.5


Windows XP, Linux

Application Server
Application Server

Jboss and Apache Tomcat

Deployment Environment
Deployment Environment

Amazon Cloud, Linux instance

JAVA SDK's & Framework
JAVA SDK's & Framework

Spring, Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, Amazon file upload Web services, Google Mail Migration API’s, Lotus Domino Java API’s

Client Benefits

Supported the Client for End To End Mail Migration Services

Silicus developed the software modules for migrating HTML mails from various First-Class servers to Google Mail, and also provided support for IMAP servers like GroupWise, etc.

Silicus brought its Google Apps technology expertise in providing high quality services for Database management, Amazon Cloud deployment and monitoring and performance testing for large user mail boxes

Cost Effective Remote Offshore Migration Services

Silicus offered debugging and diagnostic services to the end customer on behalf of its client from an offshore location. Our Google Apps experts addressed and resolved almost all issues that came up during the mail migration process

By leveraging Silicus Google Apps expertise from offshore, the client was able to offer competent and cost effective services to its end clients

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