Enhancing Ruby on Rails based Business Analytics Application

Success Story.

Enhancing Ruby on Rails based Business Analytics Application

About the Client

Client’s software product helps car dealers with the business intelligence and analytics to track, view, and analyze their dealings in car services and car products on a daily and monthly basis. Client does this by integrating dealership management systems (DMS) of car dealers with client’s own software.

Business Challenge

Client had its own software to provide analytical reports integrated with the DMS of its customers (car dealers). The application was running on live nginx server which was showing problems in handling the heavy data load from end users. Customer DMS data was analyzed through the WIKI “Web based dealer management system for automotive dealership”. This meant that the data was not hosted on client’s servers but on Wiki servers.

The above mentioned factors resulted in faulty values generated in reports and slow responsiveness. These were due to certain bugs in the software. The client was looking for a competent software services company to fix these issues, and also make enhancements to the software for more functionality and features.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus offered the following best solutions to accommodate the client’s limited scope of change:

  • Bug fixing and Correction in values of reports generated through business logic changes
  • Adding new functionalities to the current software:
    • Products (spare parts, used cars, etc.)
    • Services (car service, labor, etc.)

Integration with client’s current system : Without disturbing the client’s original work-model, Silicus synced its solutions based on Ruby on Rails with client’s software

Creation of accurate reports : Silicus connected with client’s preferred application server, Wiki dealership, in a way that Wiki sent the APIs and Silicus extracted the required values from the data shared. Silicus then processed the data and generated reports related to sales, revenues and profit of the concerned car dealer (who was client’s customer). These reports included the expected/planned and achieved targets and were generated on a daily or monthly basis

Special focus on accuracy of reports : Silicus worked hard on the analytics part of reports by writing relevant business logic to produce accuracy in resulting figures

Graphical view for different types of reports : Earlier graphs were available for limited types of reports such as sales. Silicus ensured easy-to-load graphical view for a variety of reports (pre-sales, spare parts, etc.)

Application hosting on Amazon Web Services Cloud: Silicus helped the client move from an on premise hosting environment to AWS hosting

Enhanced dashboard features : Silicus enhanced the client’s existing dashboard with direct access to different services for the end users. The advanced features included one-click links to Car Parts, Used Cars, Labors, Email Reminders, etc.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

Ruby script

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Interfaces

WIKI dealership management software


Ruby on Rails


nginx, AWS

Client Benefits

Cost-effective solution

By facilitating the deployment on Amazon cloud, Silicus helped reduce the clients IT infrastructure hosting and management expenses

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Silicus’ report generation system enabled remarkable accuracy in projected and accomplished targets of sales and revenue reports, driving end user appreciation of the client’s solution

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