Fixing Customer Facing Web Application for Consulting Firm

Success Story.

Fixing Customer Facing Web Application for Consulting Firm

About the Client

The client provides specialized consulting services that enable decision-makers of large enterprises to anticipate how their top teams and business units will excel in unfamiliar environments. The client offers proven capacity to predict performance, and to then rapidly align teams and BUs with the shifting operations and strategy that accompany altered settings.

Business Challenge

The client’s existing Java based web application was used to to measure employee performance questionnaires, online tests, survey forms etc. The employee data generated by the application was used to analyze and benchmark employee performance.

The application was unstable due to inefficient coding and non-implementation of standard coding polices - the client faced challenges such as sudden system logouts, internalization request failures, report generation errors, and corrupt report formats etc.

The bad performance impacted the client’s ability to provide a great customer experience. Hence, the client approached Silicus to fix the performance issues in the application, including:

  • System Debugging
  • System Upgrade
  • Azure Deployment

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Silicus Solution

Silicus started by extracting the source code for analysis, and discovered additional glitches such as spontaneous session termination, invalid email errors, etc. The technical experts debugged the codes, modified and added new code, and re-configured the same to adhere to standard coding practices. After complete testing and QA, the application was deployed on Azure in the final production phase.

Silicus also upgraded the database from MS SQL 2004 to MS SQL 2014 and deployed it on Azure. The libraries were migrated from Java 1.4 to Java 1.8. As a result of the system debugging and application modernization, all the key business deliverables missing in the previous application, were achieved. This included:

  • Internalization/Localization
  • Uninterrupted browsing
  • Error free report generation
  • Faster response time

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4







MS SQL Server 2014

Client Benefits

Better End User Experience

Fixing the bugs significantly improved application performance, with more clients trusting and accepting the client’s services and solutions.

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