About the Client

Headquartered in Alvin, Texas, the client is known for breeding techniques combined with a broad, diverse germplasm collection to efficiently develop and economically produce superior hybrid rice seeds. Their hybrids are proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fertilizer and pesticide needs and increasing per capita yields.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to reduce the total cost of ownership in IT infrastructure management, along with the administrative overhead of maintaining “local” servers and associated infrastructure. One of the immediate opportunities identified was to migrate from an On-Premise Microsoft Exchange solution to Microsoft Office365 Cloud.

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Silicus Solution

The Client chose Silicus to implement and manage their migration process. Silicus has developed the industry’s most comprehensive management tools to implement, monitor, migrate, synchronize, and secure IT infrastructure. Our services are backed by 24*7*365 technical support.

Silicus followed a tried and tested approach for the Office 365 migration, detailed below:

Migration Assessment

  • Perform As –Is state analysis for Office 365 adoption readiness
  • Review options for migration throughput, scalability and optimization
  • Identify migration prerequisites and required remediation

Migration Execution

  • Prepratory ground work for migration
  • Move Candidate mailboxes
  • Post Migration issue resolution

Post Implementation Support

  • Support and Knowledge Transfer

    Silicus migrated approx 300 individual exchange mailboxes, calendars, groups, public folders, contacts, shared mailboxes, distribution groups, and all other attributes of Exchange on Premise using a combination of MigrationWiz and PowerShell Scripts.

    MigrationWiz is a 3rd party cloud-based email and data migration solution that helps to automate the entire migration process. This tool helped to reliably fast track the migration process, minimizing errors.

    Silicus ensured zero to minumum downtime due to migration by:

  • Avoiding Sensitive Timeslots

    Migrations for certain employees were delayed due to the nature or timing of their work and priorities. For example, Sales and Finance employees had special responsibilities to fulfill near the start and end of months and quarters, hence migration was done in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of a month.

  • Avoiding freeze periods

    Migration was avoided during expected peaks for various departments, particularly around important deadlines or deliverables faced by teams. Eg: migrating employees of any product group that was releasing a new product. Employees whose mailboxes were being migrated were informed via intranets and email.

Silicus provided extensive training for end users as well as the IT Admin team for effectively managing Office 365. Silicus also provided 24/7 Premier Support from our US-based Cloud Service Desk.

Technologies Used


Microsoft Office 365


ID Fix tool for Active Directory, MigrationWiz




Azure AD Connect server

Client Benefits

Business Continuity & Scalability

As the client’s business grows, they can add additional accounts, quickly and easily, without the need for buying additional hardware.

Safety and Security

The clients’ primary challenge of data security was accomplished with expertise provided through Microsoft data centers, through continuous scanning of messages and documents for spam and malicious software.

Improved Performance & Productivity

Silicus offered the client with Microsoft’s 99.9% scheduled uptime guarantee, besides enabling Office 365 access from anywhere with an internet connection. Emails were automatically synced with most mobile devices, and employees could view and edit documents with Office Web Apps.

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