About the Client

Client is the world’s largest producer of sodium cyanide with a total annual capacity of more than 350 million pounds, supplied globally. Sodium cyanide is an important chemical used in the Gold mining industry. They offer sodium cyanide-liquid, sodium cyanide-solid, solid-to-liquid systems, cyanide control systems, peroxide assisted leach, oxitrol on-line CNWAD analysers, and detoxification technologies.

Business Challenge

Client used SharePoint Online as an enterprise-wide platform for their corporate intranet. The SharePoint Online Portal had implementation gaps and lacked the foundation needed to run as a long-term enterprise-wide solution. The client wanted a new user interface, active personal file sharing, higher storage limits for both personal and team sites, and more robust tool for admins to easily and effectively control their SharePoint Online (SPO) environment.

The client approached Silicus to replace their current system with a re-architected and enhanced "SharePoint Online based Corporate Intranet Solution".

Silicus Solution

Based on proven and perfected SharePoint methodology and processes, Silicus provided end-to-end services for implementing SharePoint Online Corporate Intranet.

Silicus re-engineered the portal with the following improvements:

  • Rearchitected Site
  • Provided common template for department sites
  • Provided responsive design with rich & User friendly UI along with funtionalities
  • Provided Document migration & search functionality with meta data
  • Developed a custom utlity for Internal Document Migration

Custom features and functionality developed included:

  • People Profiles and Directory
  • Employee Document Handbook
  • Corporate Announcements and Events
  • Quick Links and Personal Bookmarks
  • Gold Pricing Index
  • Corporate Calendar with Events & Holiday Schedule
  • News Center & Activity Feed
  • Weather Details
  • SalesForce Chatter & Twitter Feeds

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

JavaScript, JQuery




Visual Studio 2013, SharePoint designerc2013


SharePoint 2013 Online, Microsoft Office 365

Third Party API
3rd Party Integration

Salesforce, Twitter

Client Benefits

Better Collaboration

The re-engineered SharePoint Online Intranet Portal improved collaboration and document sharing through more features, driving operational efficiencies.

Optimized for Remote Access

Emails, documents and presentations could be accessed on the move through mobile devices with a responsive design. User could look-up contacts and schedule instant meetings from mobile devices. They could create, edit, share and upload documents based on their roles with SharePoint Online Intranet Portal into a centralized document repository.

Easy Back-Up & Recovery

Data back-up was easier, backed by Microsoft driven SLA’s. No third-party tools were used, data gets automatically backed up in the cloud daily, and is always accessible in case of data loss.

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