Enhancement of Project Management and Collaboration Software for a Mid-Sized Construction Company

Success Story.

Enhancement of Project Management and Collaboration Software for a Mid-Sized Construction Company

About the Client

The client is a mid-sized construction company in the US mid-west. They offer preconstruction, general contracting and construction management services and specialize in new construction, renovation and design & build projects for commercial, industrial, and governmental buildings.

Business Challenge

The client’s in-house enterprise project management software used by the construction project teams was outdated. It was in urgent need of enhancement to support the collaboration and accessibility needs of the teams working on building projects in the field.

They approached Silicus with a high level scope of capabilities required from the application and asked Silicus to propose the design and development for this software.

Silicus Solution

Silicus designed and re-engineered the present web based system as a fully enabled SAAS software. The functional requirements along with use cases and user interface prototypes were developed including the enhancements needed to the application’s functionality and business process logic.

Silicus made technical design and architectural recommendations to take advantage of the new technical architecture offered by the Microsoft.NET framework.

After completion of core development tasks, rapid build and test cycles were executed until the final deliverable was finished. The functionalities developed by Silicus covered the major business processes of the client. These included construction and building management processes such as Job Setup and Management, Subcontractor and Vendor management, Budgeting and revisions, document management, and Reporting.

The following capabilities were part of the final product:

  • Login and Authentication
  • Modules for managing Sub Vendor / Vendors, and Real estate Owners
  • Job setup and job management module
  • Document management – upload, edit and manage documents
  • Proposal and RFI management
  • Reporting: the system generated reports for Fund Authorization, Contract Summary reports, Cost Codes, Sub Vendor, Owner and User reports, Job Summary reports and Job Lists

Technologies Used


ASP .NET, C# AJAX, Java Script


SQL Server


.NET 3.5

Development Environment
Development Environment

Visual Studio 2013

Builds And Release
Builds And Release

TFS, GitHub

Project Management
Project Management

Jira, Bugzilla

Client Benefits

  • SAAS Enabled: Silicus’ ability to deliver enterprise class robust SaaS solutions was demonstrated by the high quality product developed on time and exceeding the client expectations
  • Modular Architecture: The application was designed with an n-tier architecture leveraging Microsoft.NET technologies, and a modular functional design.
  • FAST ROI: in multiple areas can be measured in terms of project cost management, increased process efficiency, collaborative work practices, business scalability and recurring cost savings in the client’s organization

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