Radiation Imaging Solution Enhancement for Multi-language Use

Success Story.

Radiation Imaging Solution Enhancement for Multi-language Use

About the Client

The client, a global technology conglomerate, is a leader in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) related products and systems and information and technical services.

Business Challenge

The client has a portable imaging system that helps users detect, characterize, and locate sources of harmful gamma-ray radiation. It provides accurate, two-dimensional spatial mappings of gamma rays emitting nuclides in real-time. It can be remotely controlled and operated, ensuring minimal risk to operators, and includes a sensor head and portable PC-compatible computer. Data analysis, data storage, and various aspects of sensor operation are all controlled from the computer.

The client gained a contract from their own Japanese customer to supply them with this imaging system. However, the previous architecture of the imaging system did not support multiple languages. The client wanted their system control software application to add support for the Japanese language. To accomplish multi-language support, the client was seeking software internationalization and localization services with the following specifications:

  • Create a framework to support multiple languages
  • Identify the string candidates for translation and separate them from the source code
  • Collect strings in a table where each one is identified by an ID
  • Change the code to use strings from the string table
  • Translate existing content to Japanese and create an additional string table to represent Japanese strings
  • Include Japanese language resources in the code
  • Modify the UI appearance of the product to fit the new language
  • Performance Testing
  • Build and release

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Silicus Solution

Silicus successfully adapted the imaging system control software application for internationalization and localization. The key features of the solution include:

Software internationalization
  • Creation of the locale framework
  • Character set enabling
  • UI localization for translation and restructuring of reports as per the native format
  • Locale-dependent variations and data formatting including date, time, currencies, postal addresses, and phone numbers
  • Localization - Translation, Locale Configuration / Settings Optimization and Testing
  • Adapting the text-based content and UI elements to Japanese
  • Creation of Japanese language Localization Kits
  • Configuration of locale settings

The Japanese language pack was integrated into the internationalized standard system control software application.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4




Operating System
Operating System


Development Environment
Development Environment



Manual Linguistic Testing


Microsoft Excel

Client Benefits

Multilingual Software Solution

Silicus’ unique software internationalization approach had the ability to add additional languages to the current solution. The enhanced solution now enables the client to deploy, maintain, and enhance their user-centric software across various geographies with localization support for language, date/time formatting, etc.

Testing Approach

Silicus’ testing methodologies included unit, internationalization and localization, linguistic, UI, and integration testing which led to identifying the main application bugs and issues. As a result, this approach reduced the total quality assurance time, effort, and cost.

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