About the Client

Client is a well-established online art gallery specializing in displaying and selling art creations of different artists. Client operates from New York and San Francisco but is connected with art world-over.

Business Challenge

The client operated an e-commerce storefront that was predominantly focused on web based interactions. Challenges were faced within the application, as detailed below.


Client Website has two login interfaces, running on ASP.NET:

  • Customer portal for buyers
  • Artist portal for artists who put their art on sale

There was a separate URL for super-admin (client) for business management, and also access to artist and customer pages

The client wanted to create a superior user experience and also migrate some modules to the latest Microsoft technologies.


Client had its entire database (Microsoft SQL 2008) and applications (Windows 2007) hosted on a single Rackspace machine. This effected performance due to heavy load, and client wanted them to be hosted on separate machines.


Client wanted Silicus to develop a mobile interface for its e-commerce storefront, currently not existing.

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Silicus Solution

Software-level changes:
  • Customer portal was upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0
  • Artist interface and super-admin were upgraded to Microsoft.NET MVC 4.0
  • Silicus re-defined the UX for the portal, significantly improving usability, accessibility and user experience
  • Earlier customer-login was redirected to another page with a dull UI, Silicus developed an instant slider with simpler login on the same page
  • For a wrong entry filled in a form, an error message used to appear after the whole page got reloaded, thereby deleting all previous entered values. Silicus made the error message appear just below the concerned field without page reloading
  • Earlier order fulfilment was a 5-step process; Silicus simplified it to a single-page process via Ajax
  • Pages were cleaned by removing all unnecessary tabs such as ‘’artist login tab’’ on customer login page, saving customer time and interest by lessened scrolling and more clarity

Other than software and UI upgrade, Silicus also came up with some new and robust features including:

  • Quick book export
  • Artist commission view
  • More options such as Sold and Picture Zoom were added to exhibited product
  • Fedex Label
  • Google analytics data made available through standard APIs in Super-admin page with graphs and charts for to save client’s tracking time
Server-level changes:

As per client preference, Silicus made the following changes:

  • Database and applications were placed on separate machines which enabled load-balancing and hence, better performance
  • Application server was upgraded to Windows 2012. Database server remained the same
Mobile Interface:

Silicus developed the web based mobile interface for client:

  • Developed on Microsoft.NET MVC
  • Responsive website on all mobile devices
  • All essential features available minus some (as per client preference)
  • Enhanced UI and quick page loads

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

HTML 5, C#, Ajax


Microsoft.NET MVC 4.0

3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Interfaces

Braintree (payment gateways), Google Analytics, Quickbooks


Adobe Illustrator


SQL 2008 (Database) and Windows 2012 (applications)

Client Benefits

Improved Customer Experience

Simple steps, such as, lessened scrolling in Top Artist List, single-page payment process, etc. helped retain customer interest and encouraged them to look at more products. Changes such as 5-step checkout process to single page checkout made payments faster, plugging customer drop-outs at payment stage.

Time and cost effective

New features, such as, Google analytics data available on super-admin dashboard on hourly/daily basis and more filters in search dropdown on artist page not only saved time but also cut costs on extra login sessions and request emails

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