About the Client

Client is a leading marketing execution and supply chain company, serving corporate clients across a wide range of industries. The client delivers full service solutions for branded merchandise, statement processing and billing services, inventory management, direct mail marketing, web applications, warehousing and distribution, data management etc

Business Challenge

One of the client’s many software products was an e-commerce storefront accessible only to employees within a company. The e-commerce storefront provided products needed by employees to do their jobs (eg: stationary for office goers, face masks for hospital employees etc).

The solution had 3 different modules:

  • Admin (client admin to manage users, Web Order and Inventory)
  • Web order (sale/purchase) – Admin and Web Order were running on in-house VB.NET 1.1 applications with limited features and high dependency on 3rd party tools
  • Inventory (a web-store storing all user, customer products, and warehouse’s data and activity) – running on a VB6 application with significant back end maintenance challenges

The client wanted to reduce the dependence on 3rd party tools for the web order module through custom development, and wanted to migrate the VB6 based inventory module to the .NET platform.

Client also wanted better security enabling universal login accessibility. Existing login-options were limited by specific IPs.

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Silicus Solution

Web Order Module

Functionality and feature enhancements such as:

Product’s display name : Silicus implemented relevant, common and keyword-search friendly title options for products for better search ability

Product image option : Silicus added product image to it with a multi-view option, the previous version only had the product name

Admin Module

Functionality and feature enhancements such as:

Direct login screen : Silicus gave a one-click login page for direct login to users, unlike the previous many-clicks path to login screen

UI rich login screen display : Silicus replaced the plain and generic login screen with a selection-range of different colorful themes for client’s different customers. Common background of these themes got an image of client head-office which itself underwent a UI overhauling

Inventory Module

Software upgrade: Silicus migrated the VB6 desktop application to a web based application on the Microsoft.NET platform, with entirely new coding on ASP.NET MVC

Quick page loading : AngularJS was used for faster page-loading overall feel was that of a single-page application as pages due to less-weight

New features added: Silicus added the following advanced features to the inventory:

  • Finished good items
  • Client list
  • Warehouse-setup (new warehouse/item, item placing, etc.)
  • Security levels (user-level and user-group level securities)
  • Report generation

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4

HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Bootstrap

Design Pattern
Design Pattern

Microsoft.NET MVC (Inventory)


Microsoft.NET 4.0 (Web Order & Admin)

Client Benefits

Customized solutions

Enhanced UI/UX, new features, customized software upgrade were provided as per client’s specific preferences

Enhanced security

New security levels enabled client to monitor permissions and safely access pages from anywhere, anytime

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