About the Client

The client is an International Assignment tax services firm providing Expatriate support services for organizations. The client’s services include tax planning and preparation services related to employees on international assignment, transferring to a new country, or working temporarily outside of their home location.

Business Challenge

The client serviced its customers using a suite of packaged software applications including Acct1st for document management and MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Account (Customer) and Contact (Expats) management. These were back-end systems that supplied information to a front-end website that could be accessed by customers.

The client faced challenges in maintaining the entire system for the following reasons:

Numerous manual operations needed to be performed for uploading documents into the Acct1st DMS e.g – the client representatives had to manually login to Expat (Assignee) accounts to upload information, and then manually intimate them of the same. Automatic operations weren’t supported by the DMS.

DMS did not support latest DMS features for version control, archiving, and collaboration

The integration between DMS, website and Dynamics CRM was unstable

The client wanted to replace the existing DMS with Microsoft SharePoint. The client’s vision was to eventually use SharePoint as a single tool for all document management requirements. The client sought a reliable and expert service provider on Microsoft technologies to help seamlessly integrate and take responsibility for ongoing configuration, development and customization on SharePoint, MS Dynamics CRM and Microsoft.NET.

Silicus operates a delivery center to support the client's ongoing application development and maintenance needs. This engagement was delivered through the client's offshore delivery center.

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Silicus Solution

SharePoint Configuration and Customization

SharePoint was configured and customized based on the client’s business requirements. Initially, the team customized SharePoint for document management – upload, download, and editing documents, and maintaining folder structures. SharePoint was integrated into the web portal through SharePoint web services.

Web Portal Development

Silicus Microsoft engineers developed a customer facing .NET web portal that would host and integrate CRM and SharePoint and also exposed Dynamics CRM and SharePoint to end customers. The single portal for end customers is envisioned to be a central website that will offer services like: Calendar Management, Calendar Administration, Document Sharing, etc.

Calendar administration is a web module conceptualized to provide administrators the power to perform administrative tasks on their company’s Account. This mainly focuses on administering Expat’s Calendar and Contacts. Document Sharing is a web module conceptualized to provide document collaboration features like ability to share documents, edit/delete them, version control etc.


The web portal used Windows Live ID service for authentication. The web portal was envisioned as a single entry point, and it made sense to have a single portal live ID for authentication.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


3rd Party Integrations QuickBooks Online (For Invoice & Payments)
3rd Party Integration

Windows Live


MS SharePoint, MS Dynamics CRM 4.0

Client Benefits

Better Collaboration through Sharepoint

The new content management system using SharePoint supported true collaboration and document sharing features that were not supported by the earlier system. The improved collaboration promised additional operational efficiencies and benefits to the client.

Easier and More Efficient Operations

The new web portal and SharePoint document management system automated several tasks that were manually accomplished earlier.

Robust System Built on the Latest Technologies

Silicus' Microsoft experts used the latest technologies to architect a system that was more robust and flexible enough to accommodate enhancements and upgrades in future.

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