About the Client

The client is a leader in state of art training and certification in Laser Hair Removal, IPL Treatments, Tattoo Removal, Injectables, and Fractional Laser Treatments. The client also provides laser hair removal and other beautification services including IPL Photo facial, Professional Tattoo removal, Body contouring & Skin tightening, Botox & facial fillers, and Micro blading.

Business Challenge

A lot of the client’s current business was paper based - appointment scheduling, timesheet management, user and patient management etc. With business growing, the client felt the need for a web application that could help automate and digitize the manual tasks.

The application would also help automate consent and treatment form management, billing and reporting. The application had to be HIPAA compliant.

Silicus Solution

Silicus helped the client transition to a digital business with a web application that could automate several manual tasks and workflows.

The application has the following user profiles for access rights - Super Admin, Client Admin, Patient, Clinicians & Staff Members.

The Super admin can build templates for consent forms, EMR forms, treatment forms and consultation check-lists which are copied to all the tenants (subscribers). The application provides the functionality to drag and drop text area, radio-buttons, check-boxes and signature areas to create the forms. Clinic admins can use these forms or further customize them for use in their respective clinics or spas. During treatment, clinicians and patients use these forms for capturing treatment related information.

The application has an in-built feature to leverage cameras on devices (Tablets and Laptops) to capture patient's photograph, annotate images (highlighting a square / circular area, free hand drawing, adding text and arrows, adding colors etc).  An e-signature feature allows patients to sign/ draw a signature using hand (for touch screens), mouse or pen.

Patients can view treatment and appointment details remotely via the patient portal. Staff members can view timesheet information and enter in/out timings through the application. The appointment scheduling feature includes scheduling/rescheduling appointments, status changes, deleting/cancelling of appointments, managing room for appointments, automated reminders via call or SMS etc.

A billing module allows patients to pay for treatments online. Payments were processed via the Authorize.Net 3rd party payment gateway integration tool. The application featured a powerful reporting engine, with the ability to generate reports for Referrals, Client Listing, EMRs, Follow-ups, Complications, Notification and reminders etc.

The application was developed as a HIPAA compliant, multi-tenant native cloud application on the Azure PaaS platform deployed as an AppService. The Azure PaaS application development platform offers advantages such as avoiding the expense and complexity of buying and managing software licenses, the underlying application infrastructure and middleware or the development tools and other resources. The customer manages the applications and services they develop, and the cloud service provider typically manages everything else.

Designed to work as a multi-tenant SaaS application, it can be utilized by different clients. Data belonging to each client will be stored in separate Azure SQL databases, and accessible through separate sub-domain names.

Separation of data increases data security, and Azure Key Vault services was leveraged to store the configuration parameters.

All the patient and staff related documents, pictures, prescriptions either captured or uploaded are stored in Azure Storage using SAS tokens. Automated tasks such as sending reminders, auto-credit of rewards etc were implemented using Azure scheduler and Web Jobs. 

The application integrates with SendGrid for sending system generated emails and integrates with Office 365 Email account for sending/receiving patient related correspondence.

The application also has a 2-Way SMS & Voice Call integration using Twillio, through which a patient receives SMS and Phone Call notifications of their booked appointments on their registered mobile number and they can confirm or cancel the Appointment by responding to the SMS or Phone Call.

Application performance was ensured by leveraging Redis distributed storage and cache deployed to multiple instances / servers. In addition, Azure CDN network was used for delivering all the necessary script files helping to improve page load performance.

Technologies Used


Microsoft Visual Studio 2015



Presentation Layer
Presentation Layer

Bootstrap, HTML5, Kendo UI Controls (Telerik)


Azure SQL

Development / Deployment
Development / Deployment

MS Azure PaaS

Client Benefits

Process Automation

Automated the client’s paper activities and processes, saving time and efforts for employees, and creating a modern user experience for customers.

Feature Rich

Features such as image capture and annotations, e-signature boxes, form creation and management etc. improved application usability and adoption in clinics.

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