Digitizing Employment Background Screening Business

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Digitizing Employment Background Screening Business

About the Client

The Client provides background check solutions for small and local business organizations. It offers pre-employment screening, healthcare screening, and international criminal search services. It serves automotive, consumer products, nonprofit, entertainment/media, healthcare, retail, banking, packaging goods, and transportation industries.

Business Challenge

The client received requests for background checks through an “Application Tracking Systems- Hiring” Portal. However, once the details of the “individual to be screened” was received, the rest of the employee screening process was manual, with excel data storage which was prone to human errors. This led to bad hires and the potential for costly regulatory compliance issues. Gathering, accessing, and storing paper-based information presented further drawbacks:

  • Background checks were slow, it took anywhere from 24 hours to a week or more depending on the details being sought, and this delayed the hiring process
  • Mistake such as names being misspelled, birthdate being miss-typed, caused serious problems which was difficult to be reversed
  • Consistent application of rules was difficult
  • Laws governing the handling, storage, and processing of applicant data vary from state to state and had to be tracked manually
  • Manual screening systems do not sufficiently protect internal screeners and their employers from potential bias charges, because the application of rules may vary from individual to individual

Silicus was approached to create a Web Portal that will accept and process online orders for Background checks that could automatically extract requests from the front end portal and transfer it to be back-end web portal for screeners to access and update.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed a Web API that queried the partner Applicant Tracking Systems for the following:

  • Once the customers upload the files for the “Employees to be screened”, the web API automatically downloads this data to the client web portal
  • For each end customer, the logic would check for the Background check packages availed, these packages included:
    • Blue Collar Package: Recommended for basic labor positions
    • Entry Level Package: Recommended for expanded search, ideal for entry level positions
    • Work Force Standard Package: Recommended for today’s standard workforce
    • Work Force Premium Package: Recommended for middle managers and any other mid-level positions. A comprehensive package
  • Executive Package: Recommended for high-level, senior management type positions. A premium package
  • Post the background verification requests with Candidate details to the web portal for processing
  • Along with the employee data, details on package selected were also moved to the back-end processing portal

The Web portal developed by Silicus was pre-populated with details of individuals for whom screening needed to be done. The Clients employees were given login credentials so that they can process each Background Check Request and post back the status and the results after verification is complete.

Technologies Used

Language ASP.NET MVC4


Language ASP.NET MVC4

Windows, Microsoft.NET 4.5

Database SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012


Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Client Benefits

Achieved 99.95% Accuracy

The comprehensive background screening system has greatly increased quality of hire in staffing efforts resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Talent acquisition is a struggle in nearly every business, and qualifying candidates with accurate information is a significant part of that struggle.

Increased Efficiency

Features such as auto-populated forms, electronic tracking of job applications, and file sharing among internal decision makers added efficiency to the administrative workflow, improving the screening process, and help produce safer hiring outcomes.

Faster Response Time

The response time was significantly reduced to within 24 hours or less, due to the same day account setup and processing through the web based portal.

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