Supply Chain solution for Electronic Component Distributor

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Supply Chain solution for Electronic Component Distributor

About the Client

The client is a premier distributor of semiconductor and electronic components. Using its industry experience, the client wanted to develop a software product to address a market for software automation requirements in the industry.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop and commercialize a software application that would address pain points in electronic components sourcing. This included sales automation, auto procurement, Inventory management and accounting software solution targeted for the electronics, semi-conductor components industry.

The client had no past experience in software engineering and needed a technology partner to proficiently bring the concept to fruition.

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Silicus Solution

The client visualized the software to work across distributed locations and organizations; typical of the semi-conductor and electronics distribution industry where component suppliers, contract manufacturers and OEM’s collaborate to drive business. Silicus developed a smart client based web enabled application for easy, efficient and distributed collaboration between individuals, businesses along the supply chain. The application connects to multiple distribution networks in real time, locating and requesting quotes from vendors with ready to ship inventory.

The user management module was developed to align with the organizations current user security and access management controls. This was achieved through integrations with the LDAP and Active Directory of the organizations. The module included forms and controls for administrators to create, edit, or de-activate users.

Silicus developed a robust communications tool to capture and route customer and vendor correspondence with in-house users. This feature reduced wasteful manual entries, boosting productivity amongst users. Silicus developed a robust reporting engine designed with the specific needs of the business, offering flexibility to generate customized reports.

Silicus created Seamless integration with Quick Books for business accounting.

QuickBooks SDK was used to invoke QuickBook functions and send data. QuickBooks Foundation Class (QBFC) Library API was used, making it easier for parsing the qbXML content as the developer can specify the data in terms of parameter/value pairs within COM methods. The integration exercise made use of programming standards such as XML (eXtensible Markup Language), the C# programming language, COM (Component Object Model), and HTTPS (for communication over the Internet).

Silicus created integrations with 3rd party applications and websites corresponding to stages of the supply chain:

  • Interaction with third party part search networks for aggregating electronic component supplier quotations and lead times
  • Interaction with shipping agencies for inward and outward transportation

Technologies Used




Ms Sql 2005

3rd Party Integrations



Smart Client Architecture


Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0



Client Benefits

Successful Product Commercialization

When the client contacted Silicus, only a product concept was known. Silicus worked with the client through requirement eliciting, prototyping and definition to capture the client’s knowledge and ideas. A strong process driven software engineering practice ensured reliability and predictability in the process.

Extensible Integration With Business Systems

Silicus created data adapters to content aggregation websites, shipping agencies and QuickBooks accounting software, extending the functionality of the software. Customers could quickly aggregate and analyze component quotations from numerous suppliers to obtain best shipping transportation rates.

Time To Market

Silicus deployed its Microsoft.NET platform expertise to considerably shorten development timelines. Timelines were further reduced through the use of “Ready to use” frameworks.

Offshore Software Delivery

By partnering with Silicus, the client was delivered a robust software solution, mitigating its software engineering risks while leveraging software development expertise from a low cost location.

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