E-Commerce Portal Development for Infomercial Sales Company

Success Story.

E-Commerce Portal Development for Infomercial Sales Company

About the Client

The client is a promoter of brands of several product categories through TV based advertising. The client’s business model was to promote its end client’s brands and products through TV infomercials, provide a contact number and web site for buyers to submit orders.

Business Challenge

The client was looking for a partner to develop an integrated high-volume e-commerce portal and contact center application. While the e-commerce portal allowed buyers to complete purchases, the contact center application allowed reps to place client orders, view order fulfillment status, process order cancellations, process returns and respond to customer queries. The client was looking for a partner to develop the integrated application, and chose Silicus for its track record of developing high performance e-commerce applications.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus developed an integrated e-commerce portal and contact center application for the client on the Microsoft platform. The Solution functionality included:

  • Multi Language Secure Shopping site with fast and simple user experience
  • Order Administration Module for order creating, searching, modifying, tracking, fulfillment and reporting
  • Notifications for order confirmations and status tracking
  • Returns and charge back processing
  • Online Credit Card Processing - Components that are integrated with different payment processing authority based on requirements and handling returns including batch credit card processing
  • Shipping Label Generation
  • Integration with FedEx for shipping, shipping address validation, batch updating of response from FedEx
  • User role based security for administration of storefront
  • Importing Call Center Orders and batch processing in the Online Application database
  • Product Catalog Setup including pricing and discounts
  • Comprehensive eCommerce shopping basket component
  • Functionality to integrate with different shipping and distribution centers
  • Multi Payment features - Ability to accept multiple payment information from the user

Technologies Used






SQL Server 2000

Third Party

Payment Gateways

Web Server
Web Server



Visual Studio

Client Benefits

Conduct integrated sales using an integrated process across call centers and online commerce

Optimize marketing efforts with infomercials and periodicals using sales tracking mechanisms

Deliver high levels of customer support and satisfaction through trouble ticket management and chargeback tracking

Enable seamless fulfillment and supply chain planning through third party integrations

Reporting and Analysis of customer and order information to comprehend and optimize marketing, call center operations, online sales, billing and customer support, returns management, shipping and product distribution logistics

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