About the Client

The client specializes in supplying D2D backup and Network-attached Storage (NAS) appliances for the storage industry.

Business Challenge

Third-party backup software was once bundled to complement the client's hardware-based D2D back-up appliance; however, the software was dated and lacked required, modern capabilities. The client wanted to develop its own software with advanced capabilities and with better performance, reliability and scalability.

Its competitors had released advanced products to gain market share in the rapidly changing storage industry. The client had to react quickly to these changes, and it was looking for a partner with proven expertise in data storage, back-up and replication software technologies.

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Silicus Solution

The client did not have long-term plans for offshore outsourcing. It wanted Silicus to leverage its local presence to build a highly experienced team and complete the first software release from Silicus' offshore development center. Following this, the client wanted to absorb these resources within its facilities.

Silicus developed a back-up software product that could be integrated with the client's existing D2D hardware product. The client managed the software engineering activities – including driving software specifications, software quality and testing, project management and deliverables.

The software was targeted toward native format disk back-up on the Windows OS, and developed using the latest concepts in data back-up and restoration. The software allowed administrators to backup data, system binaries and databases out of the box.

Cutting-edge and innovative technologies were used to design the end product, such as:

Continuous Data Protection Capabilities For Critical Servers

The CDP engine was developed with "every write" backup granularity. Data back-up specialists developed an easy-to-use GUI to allow administrators to restore data quickly to any point in time using a simple drag-and-drop operation. The GUI also facilitated remote management of backup jobs.

The software backed up changes at the byte level, as they happened, from the source server to the destination, which eliminated the need to schedule a backup window. The team also developed a bandwidth throttling software component that intelligently and effectively used available resources for remote or LAN backups.

Backup, Restore And Disaster Recovery Capabilities

The backup and restore engine was developed to support lightning fast restores and included unique disaster recovery capabilities for a failover mechanism if a production server went down. Backup and restore capabilities also included database and open file backup.

Open Volume Sync (Ovs) For Open File Back-Ups

Silicus innovated a solution to backup open databases and files to create a stable, consistent, point-in-time image of a data set or a volume, without impacting system performance while the system was in use. The OVS engine could backup Windows database servers like SQL and MS Exchange. OVS provided advantages by requiring minimal end-user expertise and minimum resource utilization.

Technologies Used


VC++, Windows SDK, MFC



Client Benefits

Mitigated Engagement Risks With Reliable Processes And Communication

Silicus' helped in establishing best practices, so the client was able to ensure a high degree of communication and collaboration with the offshore team at all stages – starting from hand picking the right team members to completing the first software release. The team leveraged Silicus' process driven approach to ensure low risk in the software engineering process.

Software Back-Up Expertise At A Low Cost

The team used several cutting edge and innovative technologies to design the product. Developing such software required an experienced team of experts. The client was able to gain this expertise without stretching its engineering budget.

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