About the Client

The client is one of the largest non-profit organizations working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children in undeveloped and developing countries.  The client provides pre-school education to children growing up in the slums of major metropolitan cities. Over time, the organization has grown both in scope and geographic coverage.

Business Challenge

The client lacked the IT infrastructure to support its growing on field charity work. For eg: there was no formal IT system to maintain the list of donors, children supported, schools covered, geographies covered, and volunteers enrolled etc. Data was managed in disparate IT systems and software packages, while some data was maintained in excel sheets.

With the mounting cost of maintaining, updating and managing information, the client decided to develop a full fledged custom Content Management System. The objective was to integrate disparate data under one portal with access privileges, data security and scalability.

Silicus was chosen to offer these services, given our expertise in developing complex custom information management systems and infrastructure for the world’s largest technology companies.

The client enjoys worldwide support for its education services, particularly from wealthy donors and corporates in the USA, UK, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Certain sections of the CMS had to have multi-language support capabilities for volunteers and personnel stationed in these countries.

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Silicus Solution

Phase 1- As Is Study
  • Understand the various systems and software where current information is stored
  • Understand data availability and access constraints
  • Understand data storage formats and inter-linking between data
  • Determine future content management requirements
  • Understand multi-language support requirements
  • Understand CMS Administration requirements
Phase 2- Enterprise CMS Architecture Design

ECMS architecture was designed to take care of the following requirements:

  • Document Management
  • Collaboration
  • Records Management
  • Workflow / Business Process Management
  • Multi-language Support
  • Indexing and Categorization
  • Integrations into 3rd party systems
  • Storage and Repositories
  • Security Considerations
  • Distribution
Phase 3- ECMS Development and Deployment Support

The Enterprise Content Management system was developed with advanced features and considerations for future scalability requirements. Post development, Silicus deployed the application on the client’s network. This included migrating existing information to the new system and training key stakeholders.

Technologies Used




SQL Server

Web Server
Web Server



Microsoft .NET

Client Benefits

Multi language support

Using language resource files within the Microsoft.NET framework, Silicus provided a ECMS solution that could be used across different languages

Cost effective services

A special pricing package for NGO’s and charity organizations meant that the client obtained a cutting edge Enterprise CMS at very competitive costs

Improved productivity and Collaboration

Silicus Microsoft experts delivered an Enterprise CMS based on the latest software architecture design concepts, ensuring maximum productivity and impact from the Enterprise Content Management system through better collaboration between key stake holders

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