E-commerce Website Development for Apparel Retailer

Success Story.

E-commerce Website Development for Apparel Retailer

About the Client

The client was a leading whole seller of formal bridal wear, women’s apparel, footwear and accessories. The client marketed products from multiple designers including its home designs. Potential buyers could view the online catalog and called in to place an order. Once the purchase was completed, the nearest reseller’s outlet would deliver the order to the buyer.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to complement its reseller network with an e-commerce portal to compete with other e-commerce portals. The portal needed to support:

  • Features for managing frequently changing product lines
  • Features for managing  promotions
  • An easy and intuitive buying experience for online buyers
  • Self-help for buyers to receive information on the status of their orders and upcoming sales events

The client sought the services of an expert e-commerce portal development partner to help launch its e-commerce storefront.

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Silicus Solution

Silicus designed an e-commerce portal that could support modest numbers of users and transactions, capable of easily scaling up for a growing online presence.  The team designed a multi-tiered, multi-layered software architecture for easier maintenance and better performance.

Product Catalog Management

The product catalog incorporated advanced design features to support buying patterns of online shoppers, such as:

  • Cross-selling products similar to those added to the shopping basket
  • Up-selling products using marketing promotions
  • Multiple product views, including 360 degree product view, product slider or gallery and ability to filter a search by retailer, color, brand, category, fashion line, and available promotions

Site administrators used the product catalog management module to:

  • Manage product lines
  • Manage Fashion Seasons e.g. Fall, Winter collection, etc.
  • Manage product pricing
  • Manage product bundling
  • Create and manage discount offers and promotions
  • Easy Check-Out

The core e-commerce engine included the following modules:

  • Shopping basket
  • Shopper Registration
  • Check-Out for new and registered shoppers
  • Online payment processing
  • Order Management

The portal included a customer service module for internal reps to answer phone requests to:

  • Process order payments
  • Provide order fulfillment status
  • Process returns
  • Self-Help

The portal also allowed online shoppers to:

  • Track their orders
  • Register for print catalogs, and
  • Receive information on special sales events
  • Management Reporting: To track statistics for the e-commerce storefront, the solution included several management reports.
Database Development

Silicus used SQL Server 2000 as the database and ADO.NET for storing, processing and retrieving information. The database was optimized for performance, scalability and high availability including caching for enhanced performance.

Technologies Used




SQL Server 2000



Web Server
Web Server



Visual Studio

3rd Party Integrations
Third Party Integrations

Payment Gateways

Client Benefits

Robust Design For High Performance

Silicus designed specifications for hardware server and software, ensuring the e-commerce application was scalable, high performing and available with minimal downtime. The platform was successful in meeting the business needs of the client.

Deep Expertise And Experience From A Low Cost Location

Silicus helped the client custom develop an advanced e-commerce portal, with the benefit of leveraging expertise from a low cost location.

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