About the Client

The client provides software and services that help businesses manage compliance and safety regulations for their contractor workforce. The client’s software product features core IP around Operator Qualification (OQ) management, drug and alcohol, safety and insurance tracking, all combined in one software platform.

Using the client’s software and services, organizations can more efficiently manage their contractor workforce, centralize and streamline critical compliance processes, more effectively mitigate regulatory and third-party risk, and drive ongoing improvement to safety.

Business Challenge

The client’s existing software platform was developed over the years in ASP.NET, Classic ASP, and VB.NET. The application featured a traditional client-server architecture, was difficult to maintain, and expensive to enhance.

At the same time, the client was seeing rapid expansion in its business with customers from across industries, and movement away from its traditional Oil & Gas industry clientele. The client was forced to make a choice between continuing to develop and enhance on its old stack or develop a modern software from scratch.

Given the fact that the software was developed over years of effort, the client wanted to develop on a high productivity platform that can significantly cut down on development time. The client decided to adopt Mendix as the high productivity application PaaS (hpaPaaS) platform.

Silicus Solution

Mendix is especially well suited in developing web, mobile & multi-channel smart apps deployed on the Cloud. Silicus leveraged key Mendix features such as visual development, built-in DevOps, seamless cloud deployment and platform openness to build an enterprise grade software platform.

Rapid Visual Modelling

The visual modelling tool helped the team build applications at speed with rapid experimentation and iterations. The web modeler, a model-driven development feature helped rapidly build objects, attributes, validations, and data models with a UML-based data modeler. The visual models also help to efficiently create client-side business logic and dynamic highly-responsive user interaction.

UX Rich Application

Developing on Mendix imparted a visually rich and appealing user interface (UI) that was responsive out of the box across a variety of devices, browsers and versions. Silicus used the Atlas UI Framework to create a responsive application that was open and extensible.

Other key features of the Atlas UI framework Silicus leveraged included contemporary themes, modern navigation layouts, out of the box page templates, and pre-configured “drag and drop” widgets.


Mendix helped the team on their DevOps journey with built-in DevOps capabilities, and integration to 3rd party DevOps tools via Mendix Platform APIs. Mendix, along with its easy integrations with other DevOps tools enabled:

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous & Automated Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Automated deployment management
  • Release management orchestration

Automated Testing

Testing was 100% automated on the Mendix platform. Silicus leveraged the Automated Tested Suite (ATS), a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, refactoring and automating reusable end-to-end tests based on the user stories. Silicus also leveraged the test framework for unit testing and automated UI testing based on Selenium. Automated testing improved software quality by eliminating human error.

Modern Architecture

Silicus leveraged the latest application architecture paradigms – Microservices and containers to create a truly agile, scalable, high performance and resilient application. Mendix simplified the entire architecture roll out through built in capabilities for managing Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Application Deployment

Mendix is built keep cloud-based deployment scenarios at its core. The application was seamlessly deployed on the Azure cloud.

Ongoing Application Management

Silicus configured the application with Mendix’s built in monitoring and alerting of system faults, system performance (including hardware and network, database and Web Server performance), log management, as well as basic application performance. Advanced application performance metrics were obtained from the Azure Monitor for more finetuned application performance tuning.

Backup and DR was an OOB feature where the IT team can specify their requirements with a few clicks. Based on business needs, Apps and data are automatically backed up either daily or on demand from production environments.

Technologies Used

  • High Productivity PaaS: Mendix
  • Deployment: Azure IaaS

Client Benefits

Rapid Application Development

With a team of 15 developers, Silicus was able to create a working minimum viable product (MVP) in 6 months for an application that was developed and enhanced over several years. This equates to 3X productivity compared to traditional development.

Enterprise Grade

Mendix presented a secure, highly-available platform to deliver applications at web scale. Silicus leveraged the built-in capabilities of Mendix to incorporate enterprise grade features such as enterprise-grade security, scalability and high availability, and application management insights and metrics.

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