Developed Responsive E-commerce Website for Online Sale of Medicines

Success Story.

Developed Responsive E-commerce Website for Online Sale of Medicines

About the Client

The client is committed to advance the practice of Integrated Medicine, including Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Thyroid Therapy, Insulin Resistance, and Gut Health. They provide expert medical recommendations to the patients based on their current supplement intake.

Business Challenge

The client specializes in recommending patients different treatments in treating chronic conditions requiring complex therapies. They had an existing patient portal, which did not have the facility to sell the medicines online. So the client needed technical expertise to build an E-commerce portal for the same.

Silicus Solution

Silicus experts developed an intuitive, responsive and user friendly E-commerce interface compatible across various browsers, devices and screen resolutions.

The main users of the portal consisted of providers, patients & the administrators. The portal allowed the providers and patients to log in quickly and easily, intelligently search and browse the medicine catalogue, save frequently ordered items to a re-usable order pad, and get ultra-fast access to their entire account history, and much more.

This new E-commerce portal facilitated the users with the standard online features, including: a shopping cart experience, a suggestive sell feature to “pair” like items; access to order history, the ability to track shipments, maintain a list of regularly ordered medicines, etc. so that they can deliver a truly consumer-grade experience to their patients.

Our experts have achieved faster page load feature through a number of performance optimization measures done on the front-end. Among the things done were customizing one page checkout, reducing number of steps in checkout, customizing product listing page and customizing product details page.

The portal provides the ability to auto-complete addresses while patients are on one page checkout. This was achieved with the creation of an extension for auto filling billing and shipping address.

While typing keywords in the search box, customers were not able to see the images, prices and product names corresponding to any of the search keywords. This often led to search results which did not accurately show what the users are really looking for. In order to address this, we have integrated full-text server for building a search feature which enabled showing a variety of information with a quick response time.

Being a high-traffic ecommerce site, there was a need to keep the server load as low as possible, increase speed and avoid downtime during periods of high traffic. This ensured that any subsequent page loads did not require much server load.

The patients are provided with compatible product suggestions and recommendations facility which helped in substantial increase in average order size of their medicines.

We have integrated the portal with multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Authorize.Net, Citrus Pay etc.

Technologies Used


MVC.NET Entity Framework




SQL Server

Web Technologies
Web Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap

Client Benefits

Increased Sales

The E-commerce portal automated the buying of medicines online which improved customer gratification and thereby increased sale.

Secured Payments

Online payments made by the patients reaches the admin in a secured manner through the use of secured payment gateways thus the users are benefitted with the online shopping cart.

Reduced Wait times

Portal helped patients to buy medicines online without standing in a queue and thus reduced patient wait times

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